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[Watch] Tanush Kotian's Sharp Turner Shatters Dhruv Shorey's Timber In Ranji Trophy Final

Kotian castled Shorey with a beauty [X.com]Kotian castled Shorey with a beauty [X.com]

Tanush Kotian's masterful delivery proved pivotal in the Ranji finals, dismissing the settling Dhruv Shorey and providing Mumbai with a crucial breakthrough.

Tanush Kotian emerges as a standout talent from Mumbai's domestic cricket scene, showcasing remarkable performances in the Ranji season with his dual prowess in batting and bowling. He stood as the second-highest run-scorer and the third-highest wicket-taker for Mumbai before going to final. 

His pivotal moment came during the final match when he made a significant breakthrough by dismissing Dhruv Shorey in the fourth innings, a delivery hailed as one of the finest in the final.

The dismissal of Shorey occurred in the 20th over of Vidarbha's run chase. Kotian delivered a beautifully flighted ball, pitching outside off. 

Shorey, anticipating the delivery, positioned himself to play it, but to his surprise, the ball spun sharply inward, eluding his inside edge and crashing into the stumps in the blink of an eye. It was indeed a deceptive and quicker delivery from Kotian. 

Kotian initially began his career primarily as a batsman, but soon discovered his prowess with the ball rivaled that of his batting. His off-spin bowling, honed through experience playing with the tennis ball, underwent a remarkable transformation, leveraging his street-smart instincts to great effect.

In the 2022-23 SMAT season, under the leadership of Ajinkya Rahane, Mumbai clinched the title with Kotian making significant contributions. His all-round performance with both bat and ball earned him the prestigious Man of the Match award in the final. 

Regarding the Ranji Trophy final, Vidarbha are in a spot of bother, placed at 155 for four, needing a whopping 383 runs to win as of writing.