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[Watch] Shubman Gill Makes His Bat Talk With A Bone-Chilling Six; Slams His 21st IPL Fifty 

Captain Gill taking full charge (AP Photo)
Captain Gill taking full charge (AP Photo)

Captain Shubman Gill slammed his 21st IPL fifty in full style vs Chennai Super Kings at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The GT skipper looked in sublime touch and his stunning achievement came in just 25 balls.

Watch the video here:

Gill might have had a rocky season so far but his bat is talking tonight and there's nothing holding him back. Simarjeet Singh delivered a back of the length delivery aimed at the leg stumps, angling down. Gill calmly swivelled across the line finding the top edge and the ball flied off the bat, so high that it cleared the backward square boundary and the screen displayed 'SIX'. 

Shubman Gill has received a lot of criticisms this season particularly regarding his form, it is suspected that it was the reason why he did not make it to the T20 World Cup 2024 squad, but his phenomenal run tonight is a testament enough to his skill and precision.

At the time of writing, GT is still going strong with all wickets intact they are at 179/0. Both Gill and Sudarshan are inching closer to their century.