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[Watch] Ruturaj Gaikwad Gets Run-Out In The Most Saddest Way; Gets Out Despite Getting In

Gaikwad was run-out in bizzarest way (X.com)
Gaikwad was run-out in bizzarest way (X.com)

During the MPL 2024 game between Ratnagiri Jets and Puneri Bappa a bizarre moment occurred as Ruturaj Gaikwad's dismissal led to a controversy. He walked back after scoring 29 runs off 15 balls with a strike rate of 193.33. He smashed a four and a six.

[Watch] Ruturaj Gaikwad's Controversial Run-Out:

In the 11th over, Chavan bowled a full length delivery around the middle, Ruturaj clipped it between the mid wicket and long on and set off for a double. But as he made his way back to the striker's end the keeper was quick to dislodge the bails. 

As the replays showed, Gaikwad although did make it to the crease however his bat did not cross the line and it slipped from his hands because of which the words 'OUT' flashed on the screen. The bat got stuck and was out of his crease and he unfortunately had to walk back.

Talking about the game, Puneri Bappa set a total of 144 runs for the opposition to chase and at the time of writing, RJ are at 60/3 after 9.4 overs with