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[Watch] Rizwan-Usman Hammer Naseem Shah's Brother For 4 Fours In An Over During PSL Final

Rizwan hitting a boundary in PSL Final (X.com)Rizwan hitting a boundary in PSL Final (X.com)

The much-awaited PSL 2024 is up and running in style as Multans Sultans after winning the toss decided to bat first. However, Rizwan's move backfired initially as Sultans were reduced to 14-2 in a matter of just two overs.

However, Usman Khan joined Rizwan and the duo started building partnership. They were cautious overall, but in the 5th over of the innings, decided to attack young Hunain Shah, the brother of Naseem Shah and slammed him for 17 runs in an over.

Hunain started with a full delivery, around off. Rizwan shuffled across and slogged it towards deep mid-wicket for a boundary. The next ball was a short one outside off and Rizwan played a powerful cut shot in the gap for another boundary.

Watch the video here -

The third ball was a single and the fourth one was a dot to Usman Khan but the fifth ball was again sent away for a boundary as Hunain's short delivery was pulled away towards deep fine leg. 

The young bowler then over compensated and bowled a full delivery on middle and leg, which was flicked away nicely by Usman khan wide of mid on for the fourth boundary of the over.