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[Watch] Murugan Abhishek Grabs A Stunner In U19 World Cup, Earns Praise From ICC

image-lrtbpel2India U19 players celebrate win over Ireland (x.com)

Murugan Abhishek held on to a sensational grab for India Under-19 during their one-sided Under-19 World Cup 2024 match against Ireland. His stunning effort at short cover even earned him a unique praise from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Remarkably, Abhishek also made his presence felt in the game with the ball as he picked up the key wicket of young Irish batter Oliver Riley.

ICC praises Murugan Abhishek for a stunner

Murugan Abhishek, stationed at short cover by Indian Under-19 captain Uday Saharan, made a dive to his left to complete a sensational catch to dismiss Ireland’s middle-order batter John McNally for a duck. His agile fielding effort inside the ring helped his teammate Dhanush Gowda get his first and only wicket in the game.

As it turned out, his teammates celebrated the wicket by advising the dressing room to hand Abhishek the ‘fielding medal’ after the match. The gesture was first employed by the senior men’s team during the 2023 World Cup, where the team management gifted a mock medal to the best fielder of every game.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) shared the footage of Abhishek’s agility on Instagram, and described his effort as a contender for the ‘catch of the tournament’. Moreover, the ICC also acknowleged senior Indian team’s tradition of ‘fielding medal’ by asking if the moment was worthy of the prestigious dressing room honour.

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Earlier in the match, India Under-19 had amassed 301-7 from their 50 overs off the back of a splendid century from number 3 batter Musheer Khan. Captain Uday Saharan also listed a well-paced 75 in the innings.

Later in the game, Team India bowlers folded up the Irish Under-19 for just 100 in 29.4 overs to secure a 201-run win for themselves.