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[Watch] Marcus Stoinis' 'Belly Dance' As He Puts RCB in Deep Hole With Rawat's Wicket

Marcus Stoinis' dance send-off to Anuj Rawat steals the show (Twitter)
Marcus Stoinis' dance send-off to Anuj Rawat steals the show (Twitter)

In a dramatic turn of events during the ongoing match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), Marcus Stoinis stole the spotlight not just with his cricketing prowess but also with his impromptu dance moves, leaving spectators in awe. 

Stoinis, nicknamed 'The Hulk', displayed his jubilation in an unusual manner by doing belly dance after dismissing Anuj Rawat, who was struggling at the crease.

Watch the video here:

Rawat's departure marked a significant blow to RCB, as half of their batting lineup found themselves back in the pavilion.Marcus Stoinis' delivery, short and quick, caught Rawat off guard as he attempted to pull but mistimed the shot, resulting in a straightforward catch for DDP at mid-on.

With Rawat managing a mere 11 runs off 21 balls, it was evident that he never quite settled into his rhythm during his time at the crease. Stoinis' celebratory dance added an element of entertainment to an already intense encounter between the two teams.

At the time of writing, with all their big impactful players back in the hut, RCB is reeling at 103-5.