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Hitwicket Scores Big As Harsha Bhogle Joins Gaming Startup With Heavy Investment

Harsha Bhogle invests in cricket startup (X.com)Harsha Bhogle invests in cricket startup (X.com)

Harsha Bhogle invested in the online gaming startup Hitwicket, but the exact amount he invested hasn't been made public. He's known for his cricket commentary but also has interests in other ventures like media and startups.

With Harsha Bhogle, India's beloved commentator, onboard, Hitwicket is poised for success. With over 40 years of experience, his expertise adds immense value. 

Their ambitious goal of reaching 50 million downloads in the next 2 years, starting from 5 million downloads, may seem challenging, but Bhogle's presence inspires confidence in achieving it.

“Hitwicket's potential to build a global gaming franchise is truly inspiring. I’m looking forward to Hitwicket's potential to be the Made in India cricket game that unites India with the rest of the world and elevates the country's profile in mobile cricket gaming. Its global promise signifies that a game from India can indeed touch the world,” Bhogle said.

About Hitwicket

Hitwicket, a cricket strategy gaming startup, was founded in 2020 by Keerti Singh and Kashyap Reddy. The platform offers users the opportunity to engage in strategic cricket gameplay, adding an innovative twist to the gaming experience.

Hitwicket has a global presence in 109 countries, with India, Australia, the UK, and the USA leading in player participation. 

The company reports significant growth, especially in the US market, where it has doubled its user base in the last three months. Notably, 40% of these users are experiencing cricket for the first time.