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[Watch] RCB's Reece Topley Robs Quinton de Kock Of His Century; Sends Him Back To Hut

Quinton de Kock's stellar knock came to an end (AP)
Quinton de Kock's stellar knock came to an end (AP)

In a gripping encounter between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) at the iconic Chinnaswamy Stadium, one moment stood out – the dismissal of Quinton de Kock. His departure marked the end of a spectacular innings, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats and away from IPL's first century this season.

Watch the video here:

De Kock, the dynamic South African batter, had orchestrated a brilliant knock, amassing 81 runs off just 56 deliveries. However, his innings came to a halt in the 16th over, courtesy of Reece Topley's delivery.

Topley delivered a low full-toss outside off stump. Despite de Kock's attempt to dispatch it downtown, he couldn't quite connect with the middle of the bat. The ball set up a straightforward opportunity for the fielder at the boundary.

As the ball sailed towards the boundary, fielder Dagar swiftly positioned himself and executed a textbook catch, ensuring there were no fumbles or second chances. The Chinnaswamy faithful erupted into applause, acknowledging both the brilliance of de Kock's innings and the precision of Topley's execution.

De Kock's departure undoubtedly provided a glimmer of hope for LSG, breaking a threatening partnership and injecting momentum back into their side. At the time of writing, LSG is at  148/5.