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[Watch] Jos Buttler's Lightning-Quick Stumping Bamboozles New Zealand

image-lm3mv3nwEngland Skipper, Jos Buttler (Twitter)

Jos Buttler's brilliance behind the stumps was on full display during the ongoing England vs. New Zealand 3rd T20I match. In the 9.1 over, with Tim Seifert at the crease, Buttler showcased his exceptional wicket-keeping skills, leaving fans in awe.

It was Liam Livingstone who was entrusted with the ball, and he delivered a delivery that would make any spinner proud. The ball drifted in, gripped off the surface, and spun sharply across the right-hander, creating a difficult challenge for Seifert.

Watch the video here

Seifert, perhaps lured by the flight and spin, was drawn into a forward push, but he failed to make contact with the ball. The turn deceived him, and in that fraction of a second, Jos Buttler exhibited his lightning-quick reflexes. He pounced on the opportunity, breaking the stumps with precision.

Seifert, who had lunged forward in an attempt to make his ground, found himself outside the crease as the bails were dislodged. The England players erupted in celebration, sensing an important breakthrough.

The third umpire was called upon to review the stumping, and the suspense hung in the air for a brief moment. However, the replays confirmed Buttler's efficiency behind the stumps. Seifert had fallen just short of the popping crease, and the verdict was clear – he was OUT.

Tim Seifert, who had contributed 19 runs from 17 balls, including one boundary, had to make the long walk back to the pavilion. Although he seemed accepting of his fate, it was evident that the stumping was a lot closer than he initially thought.

Jos Buttler's brilliant stumping not only sent Seifert packing but also swung the momentum in England's favor. It served as a reminder of the importance of sharp wicket-keeping skills in the shortest format of the game, where every fraction of a second can make a crucial difference. 

Buttler's athleticism and quick thinking shone brightly, leaving cricket enthusiasts marveling at his mastery behind the stumps.