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[Watch] Hardik Pandya's 'Bad Sportsman Spirit' Fails Miserably As Pakistan's Usman Khan Survives

Hardik Pandya fails to direct hit from very close range to run out Usman Khan (X.com)Hardik Pandya fails to direct hit from very close range to run out Usman Khan (X.com)

You don't expect the spirit of cricket moments when two arch-rivals go face-to-face in any sport. Hardik Pandya did the same on Sunday when India took on Pakistan in New York in a crucial T20 World Cup match, only to see himself fail miserably.

The incident happened during the ninth over of Pakistan's innings when Rohit Sharma asked Hardik Pandya to bowl. The all-rounder's first delivery was short, which Mohammad Rizwan played with soft hands for a single.

However, after watching Hardik charge at the ball, Rizwan decided not to take the single. Usman Khan, who was at the non-striker's end, was already halfway down the pitch, and he had to run back to save his wicket.

Usman and Hardik had a little collision when the latter was about to collect the ball, leaving Usman imbalanced. Yet, Hardik decided to run him out, only to miss all three wickets, as chance went begging.

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At the time of writing, Pakistan are 73/3 after 12.3 overs, with Mohammad Rizwan in the middle, batting on 30* off 41 balls.