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119-10 19.0

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113-7 20.0

India won by 6 runs

T20 World Cup 2024, IND Vs PAK Match Highlights: High-Quality Bumrah & Shrewd Captain Rohit Choke Pakistan

Bumrah-inspired bowling takes down PAK in New York (OneCricket)Bumrah-inspired bowling takes down PAK in New York (OneCricket)

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1:26 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK: Goodnight, Indian fans

What an absolutely stunning night! Indians pulled off the win of the ages as they have toppled Pakistan while defending a mere total of 120 runs. Jasprit Bumrah was definitely the hero of the match, but each and every bowler contributed to this win. And Rohit Sharma, the captain, deserves all the praises for his shrewdness as the leader.  

Well as they say all good must come to an end and with this in mind, we bid adieu to you... with the hope to see you much sooner. This is Arjun Bhalla logging off on OneCricket's behalf. See you soon!

1:25 (IST) Jun 10

India hold their nerves to squeeze a very closely fought low scoring thriller against Pakistan winning by 6 runs to get to the top of the Group A points table.

1:24 (IST) Jun 10

Lowest totals successfully defended by India in T20Is

  1. 120 vs Pakistan in New York - TODAY
  2. 139 vs Zimbabwe in Harare, 2016
  3. 145 vs England in Nagpur, 2017
  4. 147 vs Bangladesh in Bengaluru, 2016

1:24 (IST) Jun 10

Lowest totals defended successfully in T20 World Cups

  1. 120 – Sri Lanka vs New Zealand in Chattogram, 2014
  2. 120 - India vs Pakistan in New York - TODAY
  3. 124 - Afghanistan vs West Indies in Nagpur, 2016
  4. 127 - New Zealand vs India in Nagpur, 2016
  5. 129 – South Africa vs England at Lord's, 2009

1:18 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Player of the Match: Jasprit Bumrah 

"Yeah, it feels really good. We fell away a little under par and the sun came out. So, we had to be disciplined with the ball in hand and really happy with this win.

Try to keep it simple. Just hit the seam as much as I can and let the pitch do the rest. Just focus on my execution.

It felt really good. It felt like we were playing in India. The cheer is always appreciated and it gives us energy on the field as well.

You know, focus on the now. We have played two games and played them very well. Nothing changes. You stick to your process and come out and try to execute the plan."

1:17 (IST) Jun 10

Jasprit Bumrah produced a world class bowling display with 3/14 in his 4 overs bowling 15 precious dot balls in his spell. 

1:07 (IST) Jun 10


Back to back fours!!! But India is on the brink of a win. And Arshdeep Singh does it. INDIA WITH A WIN FOR THE AGESSSS!!!

1:05 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Arshdeep with a reward

Imad swings but doesn't find the middle of the bat. Pant dives to his right and appeals for a catch. Throws the ball to Arshdeep who from the middle of the pitch fails to hit the stumps at his end. Mid on stops the ball. Rohit asks the umpire to send this upstairs. India take the review to check the fair catch. There is a spike on UltraEdge! Imad Wasim perishes in the final over!

1:02 (IST) Jun 10

A run here. Wait no. Rohit Sharma is looking animated. What has just happened. 

1:02 (IST) Jun 10

Pakistan require 18 runs from 6 balls. Arshdeep Singh to bowl the final over. Imad Wasim on strike. Here we gooo!!!!

1:01 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Another Bumrah special on his last ball

Brilliant catch from Arshdeep. Suryakumar was running towards him but he held it nerves and pouched it safely. Probably, Suryakumar didn't hear the call from Arshdeep due to the noise.

0:59 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: Run Out Check

Throw from Rohit Sharma, and troubling bells ringing for Imad Wasim. Bumrah collects the throw and flicks it onto the stumps. He appeals and the decision is sent upstairs. The replays are in and Imad might have just made it. His bat has just crossed the crease when the bails were dislodged. NOT OUT loads on the big screen. But Iffi Mania is gone!!!

0:57 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: 100 up for Pakistan

Single on the first ball and followed by two crucial dots from Bumrah. 20 required from 9 now.

0:55 (IST) Jun 10

A couple of errors in that Siraj over but only 9 runs off it. Fortunately for India, he didn't concede any boundary in it. Pakistan require 21 runs from 12 balls. Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over.

0:52 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: No-ball from Mo Siraj

He oversteps on this occasion. That can't be happening at this stage. Free hit to follow. A very marginal call but there was nothing behind the line. Two runs on the free-hit ball. 

0:49 (IST) Jun 10

Pakistan require 30 runs off the last 3 overs. Siraj to bowl the 18th over. 

0:48 (IST) Jun 10

Iftikhar Ahmed walks out to bat at number 7.

0:44 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Savage Hardik sees Shadab's back

Hardik picks up his second scalp of the match. A very good bouncer from him and Shadab falls. India keep picking wickets. One must watch Hardik Pandya's savage reaction after the wicket. 

0:42 (IST) Jun 10

Hardik Pandya to bowl out now. Rohit Sharma went for Hardik for this one. Btw, it was a brilliant last over from Axar. Just 2 runs came off it. 

0:40 (IST) Jun 10

Arjun: Axar Patel gets an over. Rohit Sharma is trying to get over with with spin, so that he can rotate his pacers in the remainder of the game. 

0:34 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: WHAT A BALL!!!!

BOWLED' EM!!! When you need a wicket, bring back Bumrah. He cleans up well-set Rizwan and Kohli is absolutely pumped up. Bowls a good length delivery angling in on the stumps, Rizwan decides to put Bumrah under pressure straightaway. He looks to heave it across the line but misses it completely and the ball crashes on the middle stump. Never seen Bumrah pump up like this! The biggest wicket of this innings! The crowd erupts at the Nassau County Ground!

0:32 (IST) Jun 10

Boom Boom Bumrah is here. The game is still not over. BOWLEEDDDDDD HIM!!!!

0:27 (IST) Jun 10

Imad Wasim takes strike for the first time this T20 World Cup.

0:24 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Hardik Pandya with a wicket

Hardik Pandya's deadly hard length ball makes Fakhar Zaman awkward and lob in the air to Pant, who finishes off the match. India have a timely wicket but the game is still in Pakistan's grip. 

0:21 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Arsh not that happy!

A boundary down the leg and almost chopped on. Arshdeep Singh didn't has his way in the second over. IND fading away in the game. 

0:20 (IST) Jun 10

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Relive Bumrah magic

0:19 (IST) Jun 10

Arshdeep Singh is back into the attack with his second over. 

0:16 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: SIX!

Fakhar Zaman doesn't shy away from hitting a big maximum. He stepped out of the crease to get to the pitch of the ball and smacked it straight down the ground for a six!

0:13 (IST) Jun 10


A DRS masterstroke! Rishabh Pant insisted Rohit on taking the review and that did wonders. The prayers have been answered, they need to continue with this and scalp more wickets.

Excellent review from India and they have a wicket right after the drinks break. Just a few seconds remaining on the clock and Rohit decided to go up! Axar Patel strikes first ball!

0:11 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: Slow and steady doesn't always win the race

Pakistan are 57/1 at the end of 10 overs. They require 63 more runs from 60 balls. Rizwan is looking solid at the crease and is unbeaten on 27. Usman is unbeaten on 13 at the other end as they have steadied the ship for Pakistan. The only thing that will keep India in the game is wickets and they need it quickly.

0:09 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: India are slowing losing the grip!

With every boundary they score, India is losing their chance at winning this clash. They need to break this partnership STAT! 

0:03 (IST) Jun 10

IND vs PAK Live Score: Drama, drama!!! 

Pandya and Usman Khan get tangled in between, as Rizwan and the No.3 batter have a miscommunication. The batter was in the middle of the crease and Pandya has a shy. A direct hit and Usman was gone. Hardik did well to get to the ball after colliding with Usman. He had plenty of time to aim at the stumps but misses.

0:02 (IST) Jun 10

Arjun: Just 4 singles off Jadeja's first over. But he's not turning it as much as Imad Wasim was. May be Axar Patel would get some zip, but I personally think that India should continue with pace. Bring Arshdeep. 

23:59 (IST) Jun 09

Time for some spin. Ravindra Jadeja into the attack.

23:57 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Rizwan is in pain

Rizwan gets it hit hard on the glove yet again. He is in a lot of pain. Siraj bowls a knuckleball ball at hard length and Rizwan gets it hit on his glove. 

23:54 (IST) Jun 09

End of the powerplay. PAK at 35/1 after the first six overs. India were far ahead at this stage, but they had lost both their openers by this stage. Rizwan is making the whole difference here.

23:51 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Rizwan charges down to HP

SIX RUNS!! Rizwan on the attack. The keeper-batter steps outside the crease and launches it in the off side. Connects off the middle of the bat to clear 74 metres over wide long off. Hardik Pandya bowls a revenge ball on the following delivery. Hard length delivery angled towards Rizwan's glove. He looks in pain and the physio comes out to the middle. Here comes the magic spray. Rizwan is ready to continue.

23:51 (IST) Jun 09

Hardik Pandya is in the attack.

23:47 (IST) Jun 09

Usman Khan joins Rizwan to the middle.

23:45 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Boom does it for IND

Bumrah does it. Makes Babar edge it down to slips and SKY takes a screamer. But is it a clean catch??  Send it upstairs. Looks very close but the fingers are underneath the ball! Its a fair catch! OUT the signal on the big screen!

23:39 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Another chances goes down

Tough chance back at Siraj. Gets his hands on the ball and lobs it into the mid off region. A very very tough chance. A reprieve to both the openers early in the innings.

23:36 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Dube drops a sitter

Oh god!!! How did that happen. Shivam Dube lends Rizwan another day to live. The Pakistan batter heaves it away in the leg side towards fine leg, but Dube drops the easiest of chance at deep fine leg. 

23:33 (IST) Jun 09

Jasprit Bumrah is here!!

23:33 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Rizwan gets Siraj's throw hit on arm

Rizwan pushes the ball back to Siraj, who tried to run out with a throw back in his followthrough. It hits him hard on his arm. And Siraj apologizes straightaway but Rizwan has run across to the other end. Drops his bat and is in some pain. Rishabh Pant checks on him as well. Hits him right on the elbow.

23:29 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Babar starts with cracking shot

Siraj over Jasprit Bumrah yet again. And he gets punched away from Babar Azam. That was a shot and a half. Beats the man at mid-on for a boundary. Arshdeep pulled his length back after not getting any moment, and Siraj isn't getting any either. 

23:25 (IST) Jun 09

This is India's 4th lowest total in T20 WC

  1. 79 vs New Zealand in Nagpur, 2016
  2. 110/7 vs New Zealand in Dubai, 2021
  3. 118/8 vs South Africa in Nottingham, 2009
  4. 119 vs Pakistan in New York, 2024 - TODAY

23:23 (IST) Jun 09

We are back with the chase. Babar Azam & Rizwan make their way to create history for Pakistan. Arshdeep Singh to start off with the ball. Can India pull off the unthinkable from here?

23:25 (IST) Jun 09

23:16 (IST) Jun 09

India, after being put into bat, have failed to play out their full quota of 20 overs. A disappointing effort from their batters. But credit to Pakistan for the way they bowled throughout the innings and will be happy with their effort so far.

23:11 (IST) Jun 09

India are bundled out for 119. 

23:10 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK: Catch dropped but Arsh gets run-out

RUN OUT AT THE STRIKER'S END! ARSHDEEP IS CAUGHT NAPPING! Siraj makes some room and slices it towards Babar at mid off. It lands short of the Pakistan skipper. Siraj was looking for a single and reaches his end. Arshdeep was instead watching the ball and slowly moves towards the other end. Rizwan runs in towards the stumps, collects the ball and takes the bails off. 

23:08 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK: Sloppy Pakistan as ever

This is sloppy from Pakistan. Afridi fails to collect the throw cleanly and concedes an extra run. Rohit and Kohli laugh sitting in the dugout.


23:04 (IST) Jun 09

Shaheen Afridi will bowl the penultimate over. Arshdeep Singh, the better option among the two unbeaten batters, is at the non-striker.. but Siraj is getting the prized doubles here.  

23:03 (IST) Jun 09

Pakistan are one wicket away from wrapping up this Indian innings.

23:00 (IST) Jun 09


A very good catch in the deep by Iftikhar Ahmed. Hardik departs and this is a massive wicket as he can easily take India to a competitive total from here on. And Bumrah joins his MI captain on the following delivery. Two in two for Haris Rauf. Driven beautifully by Bumrah but straight to covers and he falls on a golden duck. 

22:58 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Pandya swings hard for a four

Pandya makes some room and throws his hands for a cut. Gets a thick outside edge running through to the third man boundary. Another similar stroke in the same region but this time there is Shadab Khan instead of Naseem Shah. 

22:53 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Amir hit Arsh with a bouncer

That must hit him hard. Arshdeep looks in pain here. It hit him on the right shoulder. The physio runs out to the middle to check Arshdeep. And he's good to go!!

22:51 (IST) Jun 09

Naseem Shah ends with excellent figures of 3/21 in his four overs. Four overs remaining in the innings now.

22:49 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: Naseem Shah is giving Arshdeep his own medicine. The Pakistani right-arm quick is going full-throttle against the Indian left-arm seamer, who at the moment is looking like a cat on a hot tin roof. 

22:44 (IST) Jun 09

Arshdeep Singh is here and he survives the hattrick ball. 

22:41 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Pant, Jadeja gone in a brink

Two in two for Amir and he is on a celebratory run here. Another soft dismissal and India are in a spot of bother here. First Rishabh Pant and then Ravindra Jadeja back in the hut. 

22:35 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Shivam Dube back in the dugout

Half of the Indian side is now back in the hut. Shivam Dube departs, Naseem gets his 3rd. That's a pretty soft dismissal. It sticks a bit in the surface. Dube looks to push it down the ground but is early into the shot. He hits it off the upper half of the bat and ends up chipping it straight back to Naseem who completes a simple catch in his followthrough.

22:34 (IST) Jun 09

5 runs off Imad Wasim's over. Alas for India, the spin quota won't be required anymore. Naseem Shah is back and he scalps Shivam Dube on 3. 

22:30 (IST) Jun 09

One run and a wicket off Haris Rauf's over, India now on the back-foot.

22:27 (IST) Jun 09

Shivam Dube walks in at number 6, against the likes of Haris Rauf, Naseem Shah, Shaheen and Amir.

22:26 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Surya departs

Haris Rauf gets the big fish. Suryakumar Yadav's poor form continues. Chipped straight to mid off. Amir bangs the ball onto the surface after completing the catch.

22:24 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Bro chose violence

Imad Wasim bowls around off, Pant makes up his mind very early as he takes a stride forward and reverse sweeps it nicely over short third man for a boundary. Gets a good connection and clears the fielder inside the ring comfortably.

22:16 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Hattrick of fours from Pant

Hat-trick of boundaries for Pant. Rauf is going on a journey in his opening over. Pant is pumped after a bit of sledge war with Imad Wasim and Mohd Amir, against who the dasher started taking his chances and got a few lucky chances as well. 

22:10 (IST) Jun 09

High in the air but lands safely. Usman Khan with a valiant effort. Third lifeline for India's comeback man. Btw, Imad Wasim has been bought into the attack. 

22:08 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: SKY show begin...

FOUR RUNS!! Full and on the off. Surya gets forward and plays a terrific straight drive. Hits right off the middle of the bat through mid on. The ball races through the outfield towards the boundary.

22:07 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Bowled 'em!

Knocks him over. Naseem breaks the partnership that was looking threatening for Pakistan. Axar will be disappointed with himself as he was looking good at the crease. Suryakumar Yadav walks out to bat at number 5, who starts with a glorious boundary all along the carpet past mid-on.

22:04 (IST) Jun 09

Naseem Shah is back into the attack.

22:03 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Axar chips it over for four

Axar steps outside the crease and lofts it down the ground! Clears mid off and finds the boundary.

21:59 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: Rishabh Pant got into a beast in last over off Amir. Three chances went begging as the southpaw took the gung-ho road but 12 runs came off that over.

21:55 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Chance goes begging

Ahmed at slip has dropped Pant off Amir's bowling. Back to back drops. Two dropped catches in a row. Rishabh Pant survives BIG TIME! First Iffi and now Usman Khan. Gets a big leading edge flying over the point fielder in the outfield. Usman runs behind it, gets his hands on the ball but puts the tough chance down.

21:48 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: 4,6 GO AXAR GO! 🎉

Axar Patel is attacking Shaheen with no mercy. 2 deliveries, 10 runs.

Delicacy at its best from Axar Patel! He waited for the ball and used his wrists to ramp it over the slip cordon!

A good over from India's perspective, 14 runs come off it. 

21:47 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Amir keeps things tight

Just four runs conceded of his over and he keeps things tight. Very tight.

21:45 (IST) Jun 09

Naseem Shah has been replaced with Mohammad Amir. 

21:40 (IST) Jun 09

No Suryakumar Yadav or Hardik Pandya, India have promoted Axar Patel to number 4 in New York's tough conditions after losing Rohit and Virat inside first three overs. That's a big gamble.

21:38 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Rohit departs, two wickets in two overs

That's a solid catch from Haris Rauf in the deep. India lose both their prolific openers. Bowls an in-swinger on a good length on the pads, 139.1 kmph, Rohit looks to whip it into the leg side but doesn't get it off the middle of the bat. As a result, he holes out to deep square leg where Rauf takes a very good catch.

21:36 (IST) Jun 09

Shaheen Afridi to continue. And Eagle has done his magic!! 

21:35 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Another boundary for Ro

Clipped away nicely. Naseem errs in line as he bowls it full and on the pads, Rohit isn't going to miss out. He flicks past fine leg for a boundary. 11 runs from Naseem Shah's first over but he picked Kohli's wicket in that over. 

21:31 (IST) Jun 09


Slashed away straight to cover point. The gully fielder was moved to cover point after the first ball and Kohli has hit it straight to him. Usman Khan takes a good catch inside the circle. A good start but a bit too far from his reach. 

21:30 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Virat off the mark in Kohli-esque fashion

That's the way to start your innings. Kohli is away with his trademark cover drive. WOWW!!! A little fuller than the good length, Kohli leans into it and drives it beautifully through covers for a boundary. But, no's gone in three balls. 

21:28 (IST) Jun 09

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are striding out. 

21:22 (IST) Jun 09

Players are all set to ready to head out. 

21:19 (IST) Jun 09

Big news: Play resumes at 9:30 PM IST/12 PM Local Time. No overs lost.

21:10 (IST) Jun 09

The umpires are out in the middle and the inspection will begin soon. The covers are being removed now.

21:06 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: The rain is getting heavier and heavier. But the Indian and Pakistani fans present in New York are enjoying their time dancing and snacking. It seems it has stopped raining in Nassau.

20:55 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Rain returns just after 1st over

Rain is back!! It has started to rain heavily again! The umpires are calling the groundstaff! We are off again. The pitch is covered in a flash.

20:52 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Rohit Sharma is off...

Whipped away over the ropes. That's a fantastic pick-up shot from the 'HitMan'. On the pads, Rohit plants his front leg and picks the length early to whip it over the forward square leg fence for a maximum. Made it look so easy.

20:51 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: Rohit Sharma gets off the mark with a brace as he flicked it away towards deep square leg. The ball was perfectly timed but the out-field is so slow. And a maximum from the Indian captain's blade.

20:49 (IST) Jun 09

Shaheen Afridi has the new cherry in hand. Rohit Sharma is on strike.

20:47 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Play starts!

India's opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are walking out to the middle. So have Pakistan. Game, set and go!

20:42 (IST) Jun 09

Time for national anthems, people!! Stand up and sing along... 🇮🇳 🇵🇰

20:29 (IST) Jun 09

As of the latest update, The stumps are being put in the pitch! The new start time is 11:20 AM Local, 8:50 PM IST. No overs lost!

20:26 (IST) Jun 09

The rain has eased off! Good news! But there is plenty of water on the covers and some water on the outfield as well. We are in for another delay in the start. The covers are coming off! The manual super sopper is out in the center doing its job. There are some puddles in the outfield, super sopper is mopping it up.

20:08 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: Rain is back! Some light rain has returned and the covers are back on the pitch. The rain has become steady now. AND COVERS are coming off!! 

20:07 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Playing XIs

India Playing XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh, Mohammed Siraj

Pakistan Playing XI: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Usman Khan, Shadab Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Amir

20:02 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Team News

Pakistan have dropped Azam Khan for Imad Wasim. India have made no changes, they have struck with same Playing XI that played against Ireland. 

20:00 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Toss time!

Pakistan have won the toss and they will bowl first. 

19:58 (IST) Jun 09

We are moments away from the toss in New York. Both the captains are there in the middle, exchanging the team sheets between them.

19:53 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Gayle is wearing INDO-PAK inspired attire

Chris Gayle is wearing a dapper outfit to showcase his love for two nations. He even got autographs from Babar Azam and Sunil Gavaskar on his blazer. 

Gayle with Pakistan captain ahead of India clash (AP Photo)Gayle with Pakistan captain ahead of India clash (AP Photo)

19:51 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Big News coming from New York

The news coming from the center is that the toss will be held at 8 PM IST (10:30 AM Local Time). The match will start at 8:30 PM IST (11 AM Local Time). No overs lost.

19:51 (IST) Jun 09

Mohammad Rizwan is set to feature in his 100th T20 international.

19:46 (IST) Jun 09

The umpires are making their way out to the middle for the inspection. A long chat going on between them and the head of the ground staff.

19:36 (IST) Jun 09

There will be an official inspection at 7:45 PM IST (10:15 AM Local Time).

19:35 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Look who's here!

19:31 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: The rain has stopped. The umpires are out there in the middle, having a chat with the head of the groundsmen.

19:28 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Cricketing fever is on in New York

Pakistan fangirl in New York for IND vs PAK (AP)Pakistan fangirl in New York for IND vs PAK (AP)

19:26 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: As per the latest reports from New York, rain has gotten lighter and Pakistan has come out on the field. Toss, meanwhile, has been delayed. 

19:19 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Rain, rain go away...

Toss will most probably be delayed as it is raining in New York!

19:09 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: As per the latest reports, the rain has gotten heavier with the whole square getting covered by the ground staff. God knows about the draining system in Nassau.

19:07 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: Yuvraj, Afridi & Team Green are here

18:56 (IST) Jun 09

IND Vs PAK Live Score: It's raining in New York!

Waqar Younis, on air, has just confirmed that it is slightly drilling in the New York stadium. Covers are on!! 

18:51 (IST) Jun 09

Arjun: Virat Kohli, Pakistan's biggest nemesis, enjoys an unthinkable average of 308 against Men in Green in T20 WCs. He has just been out once in IND vs. PAK T20 World Cup games, the only game in which India lost to Pakistan in T20 WCs.

18:40 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Head-to-Head in T20Is

12 - Matches Played

8 - India Won

3 - Pakistan Won

1 - Tied (India Won in Super Over)

18:38 (IST) Jun 09

IND vs PAK Live Score: Team Previews


Led by Rohit Sharma, India had a phenomenal start to the T20 World Cup 2024, crushing Ireland in their opening fixture. 

From Arshdeep's venomous new ball spell to Rohit Sharma's scintillating fifty, everything went according to India's plans as they steamrolled the Irish on expected lines. 

While Bumrah, Pandya, Jadeja and Axar shone brightly with the ball, Virat Kohli, who flopped with the bat, must be keen to bring up his A-game against the arch-rivals. 


On the other hand, Pakistan would be desperate to make a statement following their shocking defeat against the United States. 

Besides Babar Azam's painstaking knock, the ineffectiveness of Shaheen Afridi and Mohammad Amir with the new ball was a significant factor that resulted in Pakistan's devastating loss. 

Also, considering it's a must-win game for Pakistan, the Men in Green might drop Azam Khan, who has been their biggest liability in T20Is of late. 

18:30 (IST) Jun 09

Hello and welcome to the Live Blog for the biggest cricket match of the year as Rohit Sharma's India face the Babar Azam-led Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2024 at New York's newly-tinted Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.