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[Watch] Chris Sole's 'Bullet Throw' Piles On Misery For Struggling Oman

Sole's bullet throw ended Khalid's stay [X]Sole's bullet throw ended Khalid's stay [X]

After losing three wickets, Oman needed a strong partnership against a resurgent Scotland side, but the hopes were dashed when Chris Sole's bullet throw ended Khalid Kail's short stay at the crease.

Opting to bat first, Oman didn't have the best of starts, losing their opener early. Skipper Aqib Ilyas tried to resurrect the innings, but once he perished, another one followed him soon. Oman needed a brief resistance, but an error of judgement cost them the crucial wicket of Khalid.

Sole's bullet throw ends Khalid's innings

Against Mark Watt, Khalid pushed his delivery towards long-off and was set for a second run. However, a big mixup ended his stay. The partner at the non strikers end failed to read his call and it was too late as Khalid was already half-way for a second run. Sole threw the ball accurately towards the non strikers end and the bowler dislodged the bails in a flash.

Once Khalid was dismissed, Scotland found the opening window and scrapped past another wicket as Oman lost half the side inside 120 runs.

The only saving grace was Pratik Athavale, who reached his fifty, but was dismissed for a well-compiled 54 off 40 balls.