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[Watch] Disheartened Dawid Malan Falls Short Of A Century, Gets Run-Out For 1st Time In His ODI Career

image-lopmft65Dawid Malan had to depart for an impressive 87 runs. (AP News)

In the ongoing cricket match between England and the Netherlands in Pune, an important wicket fell, sending shockwaves through the English camp. Dawid Malan, who had been in splendid form, was dismissed in a dramatic run-out at 87, falling short of a century with just 13 runs.

Watch video here:

It all unfolded in the 21.6th over when A. Dutt bowled a fuller length delivery that angled around off stump. Malan, looking to rotate the strike, pushed the ball to the right of covers and set off for a single. However, a quick change of mind from his partner, Ben Stokes, sent Malan scrambling back to his crease. In the meantime, Logan, fielding inside the circle, showcased brilliant reflexes, retrieving the ball and sending it to the keeper, Edwards.

What followed was a perfect display of teamwork between Logan and Edwards. Edwards collected the ball swiftly and dislodged the bails in a flash. The decision was sent upstairs, and the replays confirmed that Malan was indeed short of his crease when the bails were dislodged.  

The run-out was a turning point in the match, marking the third wicket to fall for England. It showcased the importance of sharp fielding and quick thinking in the game of cricket, as the Netherlands celebrated a crucial breakthrough in the contest.