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[Watch] Arshdeep Saves Bumrah's 'Failed Yorker' Despite Collision With SKY For Iftikhar's Wicket

Bumrah gets important Iftikhar's wicket (X.com)Bumrah gets important Iftikhar's wicket (X.com)

Arshdeep Singh kept his body on the line to help Jasprit Bumrah put the final nail in the coffin on Sunday (June 10) during India's high-voltage T20 World Cup 2024 clash against Pakistan in New York.

The left-arm pacer collided with Suryakumar Yadav while keeping his eye on the ball, but overpowered the No. 1 T20I batter in the world with sheer power to grab a tough catch off Iftikhar Ahmed.

Despite coming to chase a below-par target of 120, India bowlers put on a scintillating effort against the Men in Green. Bumrah was the architect of it, and the equation went down to 18 off the final seven deliveries.

Then, just when Bumrah failed to nail the yorker, Iftikhar Ahmed went for a big six. However, the timing was not perfect, and both SKY and Arshdeep Singh kept their eyes on the ball. Eventually, Arshdeep took the catch and then checked on SKY whether he was alright.

SKY asked Arshdeep why he didn't he call for it before having all smiles to bring positive energy.

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Pakistan have now lost two matches on the trot, as India registered a memorable six-run win which will be remembered for ages.