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Corey Anderson Almost Pulls Off Jadeja Style Run-Out Vs Canada In T20 WC; Check Pic

Anderson almost pulls off run-out [X]
Anderson almost pulls off run-out [X]

Corey Anderson, the former New Zealand cricketer, who migrated to USA, is having a dream start to his T20 World Cup campaign for his new side.

The USA all-rounder, grabbed a wicket on his very first delivery of the game, and he almost inflicted a stunning Ravindra Jadeja style run-out to push Canada on the back-foot.

Anderson's acrobatic effort

Anderson was charged up after taking his first wicket, and then the magic moment arrived when Anderson showed his athelticism  on the field. Nicholas Kirton nudged a slower length ball from Corey Anderson towards mid-wicket and immediately called for two runs. With no fielder in that vacant region, Anderson charged towards the ball, and threw it accurately towards the non strikers end.

Direct hit towards non strikers end [X]Direct hit towards non strikers end [X]

The bails were dislodged with a fiery throw, and the effort reminded everyone of India's Ravindra Jadeja, who himself is a livewire on the field. The run-out decision went upstairs, but the decision eventually went in the batters' favour.

Talking about the match, Canada have strengthened their position in the match. Their key player, Nicholas Kirton is etching closer to his T20 WC fifty, as Canada are punishing the USA bowlers at the moment.