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[Watch] Surya & His Wife Seek Blessing At Udupi Temple Days After Celebrating  Wedding Anniversary

SKY Visits Temple With His Wife - (X.com)SKY Visits Temple With His Wife - (X.com)

On Sunday, July 7, India's World Cup hero Suryakumar Yadav and his wife Devisha celebrated their eight wedding anniversay. Days after the celebrations, a fresh footage has taken over the internet where SKY and his wife visited Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple in Udupi to seek blessings. 

Notably, Devisha hails from Mangaluru in Karnataka and visited this holy temple, where they were welcomed with garlands by the temple management. 

The couple offered prayers to goddess Sri Mariyamma Devi. There are also reports that SKY had vowed to visit Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple if India win the T20 World Cup. 

Watch: SKY and His Wife Visit Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple

SKY played a crucial role in the T20 World Cup 2024 final as he took a breathtaking catch in the last over of the match that turned the game in India's favour. 

Surya did not contribute enough with the bat in the finals, but his catch will be etched down in history as one of the greatest catches in an ICC final. After reaching India, the right-hand batter was welcomed in a grand style.

Surya's family members specifically his mother greeted her son with a garland when he returned home followed by Aarti. She also placed a tikka on his forehead as she followed a complete Hindu tradition.