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Why Did Indian Players Bite Their T20 WC Medals? Here's The Interesting Reason

Rishabh Pant biting his winning medal [X]
Rishabh Pant biting his winning medal [X]

Over the years, athletes biting their medals has become a familiar sight, a tradition that originated in the Olympics and has now found its way into cricket. Although cricket is not yet an Olympic sport, the practice has been embraced by cricketers when they receive medals from ICC officials at the conclusion of major events.

During the recent T20 World Cup 2024, held in the US and West Indies, Team India players celebrated their hard-fought win by biting their medals, a memorable gesture seen during the post-match presentation when they received their awards from Jay Shah.

Recently, wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant shared a photo of himself biting his gold medal, continuing the celebrations that have been ongoing since India's World Cup triumph. 

This win was especially significant for a nation that had waited 11 long years to claim another ICC title, and the joy is expected to be remembered for years to come.

But why do athletes bite their gold medals?

In the early days of the Olympics, gold was not only a symbol of victory but also a form of currency. One way to verify the authenticity of gold was to bite it, as gold is softer and more malleable than other metals. If teeth marks were left, it indicated the metal was likely genuine gold.

Though this method is now obsolete, the tradition persists. When athletes receive their gold medals, photographers often encourage them to bite their medals to capture the iconic image. This tradition, now embraced by cricketers as well, symbolizes the authenticity of their hard-earned win and creates lasting memories.