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[Watch] 'Larry Paaji Ki Haal?' Rohit Shows His Funny Side As He Names His Favourite NBA Player

Rohit Sharma Poses With Larry O'Brien Trophy [X]Rohit Sharma Poses With Larry O'Brien Trophy [X]

Indian captain Rohit Sharma, ahead of the warm-up clash against Bangladesh, posed with the famous NBA trophy, also known as the Larry O'Brien Trophy, at the Nassau County International Stadium, where the two Asian teams will lock horns.

On Friday, May 31, during the NBA trophy tour to promote the Celtics and Mavericks finals starting on the 7th, the famous piece of silverware made it to New York's cricket stadium, where Rohit got to hold it while posing with the trophy alongside the World Cup.

While talking to the NBA social media team, Sharma also spoke about his favourite NBA players when he was asked about who he was reminded of when he saw the Larry O'Brien trophy,

"My favorite has always been Michael Jordan. What he did for the Chicago Bulls is obviously quite inspiring. [Also], the guys like LeBron James and Steph Curry...those are the guys I love watching play."

The Indian skipper was also surprised by how heavy the trophy was, calling the NBA stars tall, strong and big.

"Oh, it looks quite heavy. No wonder, they are so tall, strong and big."

Watch: Rohit Sharma shows his funny side

The Indian team is gearing up for their only warm-up game against Bangladesh on June 1 at 20.00 hours (IST), a thrilling prelude to their tournament opener against Ireland on the 5th at the same venue.