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Vaughan's Bizarre Suggestion After Root LBW Issue, Calls For Cameras To Watch DRS Operators

image-lt2fdq4hThe landing of the ball was in doubt [screengrab]

The controversial reversal of the on-field not-out call on the Decision Review System (DRS) which forced England batting great Joe Root to be back on Day 3 of the Ranchi Test against R Ashwin continues to be in discussions and debates. 

English media, which perennially acts as its team's No.12, has been whinging over Root's LBW decision given on India's referral against the on-field decision after the legend off-spinner got the elegant right-hander missing a leg-stump half-volley and had the ball hitting the leg-stump on projected path. 

But the bone of contention was the landing point. While Hawkeye deemed the ball to have landed within the line from around the wicket, doubts persisted since the ball was peerlessly close to the pitching outside leg. A batter can't be given out LBW if the ball lands outside leg-stump. 

Vaughan's Bizarre Suggestion Over DRS Controversy 

Among those doubtful of the landing point was former England skipper Michael Vaughan, who took the suspicions raised by the English media to the complete extreme and said cameras should be panned on DRS operators for true transparency behind decisions. 

"I’m not saying anyone is cheating," said Vaughan on Test match Special Podcast. "I’m trying to give an answer for when a decision is made and we all disagree with it. If the person on Hawk-Eye is filmed it puts the noise to bed." 

"I can understand supporters on both sides being frustrated with the decisions that have been made. It doesn’t look like Hawk-Eye is having a great series. All I want is full transparency. If it takes the International Cricket Council employing someone to put in the trucks for integrity, they have to do that as well.”

Earlier on tour, after their defeat in the Rajkot Test, England's captain Ben Stokes had talked about his issue with DRS and asked for the removal of the 'Umpire's Call', which gives the technology a margin for errors and allows for smoother decision-making. 

Root's wicket from Ashwin was an influential one as it fastened England's collapse in the pivotal third-innings where their demise for 145 set-up the target of 192 for the Indian team.