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Pakistani YouTuber Shot Dead By 'Frustrated' Guard Over IND vs PAK Drama

India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2024 [X.com]India vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup 2024 [X.com]

On the eve of the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash, an unfortunate incident unfolded in Lahore’s mobile market. 

A Pakistani YouTuber, identified as Saad, was filming a vlog in the buildup to the high-stakes match when a tragic encounter with a security guard resulted in his untimely death.

Reports indicate that Saad was actively engaging with people in the mobile market in Karachi, Pakistan, creating content for his channel ahead of the T20 World Cup 2024 match between India and Pakistan. 

The excitement was palpable as fans from both nations looked forward to the intense rivalry. However, the situation took a grim turn when Saad reportedly approached a security guard to get his reaction on camera.

According to an Instagram user who shared a video of the guard’s statement, the guard claimed he was irritated by the camera and microphone being repeatedly brought near his face. 

This irritation allegedly escalated to the point where the guard shot Saad. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Saad was declared dead upon arrival.

This tragic incident occurred just a day before India handed Pakistan a humiliating defeat by 6 runs at the Nassau County Stadium in New York on June 9. 

The loss compounded Pakistan’s troubles in the tournament, marking their second consecutive defeat and jeopardising their chances of advancing to the Super 8.