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Jack Leach To Undergo Knee Surgery After Injury During 1st Test Against India

image-lt15syrgJack Leach will undergo knee surgery (X.com)

Star English spinner Jack Leach is set to undergo knee surgery after a mishap in the first Test match of England’s tour of India. In a major setback for the English cricket team, their most experienced spinner got ruled out for the series after he incurred an injury during the first game of the five-match series.

During the game in Hyderabad, Jack Leach got injured while saving the boundary as he banged his left knee while diving. Jack continued to perform in the game despite the damage and bagged a wicket for England as he dismissed the Indian skipper Rohit Sharma while showcasing exceptional skills and his passion for the game.

‘It was quite an unfortunate one’ - Jack Leach on getting injured during the 1st Day of 1st Test

While talking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Jack Leach discussed how he knocked his left knee multiple times during the game which got worse over the days. Leach failed to give up since it was just the second ball of the first innings of the first Test. He said,

"I'm going to have an operation to get the rest of the swelling out because it's not budging. It was quite an unfortunate one. It was the second ball of the first innings in the field so that whole game I was playing with this knee problem. I obviously knocked it a few times throughout that game, and it has just created a long period of recovery.”

While talking about his recovery and returning to Cricket, Leach Discussed how he wants to get back his rhythm of spinning soon after he gets done with the operation.

"I need to get the operation done and then hopefully I can get back to playing cricket. I'd love to have a run of playing cricket and getting into a bit of a rhythm again and hopefully that can happen again once I've got this sorted.”

Ben Stokes and co. have incurred a major loss in the series as Leach was one of the most experienced spinners, and an integral part of the Bazball strategy. After winning the first Test England has lost two Test matches with huge margins. It will be interesting to see how England will perform in the fourth Test to keep their hopes alive of winning the series.