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Race to Rewrite History | 3 Reasons Why Joe Root Can Surpass Sachin Tendulkar's Record of Most Runs in Tests

image-lig2a5djSachin Tendulkar has scored 15,921 runs in Test cricket (ICC Twitter)

In cricket, records are often seen as unattainable until a truly exceptional talent emerges. Sachin Tendulkar, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history, set a benchmark for the most runs in Test cricket with his incredible tally of 15,921 runs across 200 Tests.

For years, there has been a heated debate about whether anyone can surpass Tendulkar's seemingly unassailable record. However, after England’s star batter Joe Root recently completed 11,000 runs, speculation has intensified about his ability to break Tendulkar's long-standing record for most runs in Test cricket.

The former England captain achieved this milestone during his quick fifty against Ireland in a one-off Test at Lord's. Root's exceptional talent and consistent performances suggest that he has the potential to achieve even more records, with the record for the most runs in Test cricket being a prime target.

In this listicle, we take a look at the three reasons why Joe Root could indeed surpass Sachin Tendulkar's record for the most runs in Test cricket.

1. Consistency and Prolific Run Scoring

One of the most prominent qualities that make Root a formidable contender to break Tendulkar's record is his exceptional consistency and prolific run-scoring ability. Root has displayed remarkable consistency in Test cricket, amassing runs at an astonishing pace. He possesses a solid technique, coupled with a wide range of shots, allowing him to score runs in all conditions against various bowling attacks.

Root's ability to convert fifties into big hundreds sets him apart from his contemporaries. He has shown a relentless hunger for runs, which has translated into a phenomenal run-scoring spree, making him a genuine threat to Tendulkar's record.

Moreover, Root has maintained an impressive average of 50.24 in Test cricket, displaying remarkable consistency throughout his career. If he continues to sustain his excellent form and scoring rate, it is reasonable to expect him to accumulate the remaining 4,917 runs in approximately 98 innings, which roughly translates to 49 Test matches. Considering Root’s ability to score consistently and his established track record, he should be more than capable of achieving this milestone in the future.

2. Age and Time on His Side

Currently, Root is only 32 years old, which indicates that he still has several productive years ahead of him. In contrast, Tendulkar retired from Test cricket at the age of 40. Root's relative youthfulness provides him with a significant advantage in terms of accumulating runs over an extended period.

If he continues to maintain his form and fitness, Root has the potential to feature in numerous Test matches, accumulating runs steadily and chipping away at Tendulkar's record. The combination of his skill, dedication, and age makes Root's pursuit of the record a realistic possibility.

Moreover, in the upcoming years from 2025 to 2027, England's cricket team has an ambitious schedule, including an additional 21 Test matches. This extended fixture list provides a significant opportunity for the dynamic bater to make significant strides towards surpassing the legendary cricketer’s record run tally.

3. Ultimate Focus on Test Cricket

Joe Root's primary focus and priority lie in Test cricket. Unlike some of his countrymen who play multiple formats and embrace franchise cricket in the modern era, Root has approached it differently. While he has occasionally dabbled in franchise cricket, his involvement has mainly been to maintain his form and rhythm.

Although Root still finds himself in England's One Day International (ODI) squad, it is evident from his performances and playing style that he favours the longest format of the game. Once his ODI career comes to an end, it is highly likely that he will devote a significant amount of time to playing red-ball cricket.

Furthermore, the absence of distractions from other forms of the game allows Root to prolong his time on the field and reduces the risk of getting injured. This puts him in an ideal position to break Tendulkar’s colossal run-rally in Test cricket.

Meanwhile, as Root continues to pile up runs and rack up centuries, it looks like a matter of time before he reaches and surpasses Tendulkar's record. Only time will tell whether Root can truly surpass the legendary Tendulkar, but his talent and determination make it an exciting prospect for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.