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From Sachin Tendulkar to Joe Root | Top 10 Batters to Fastest 11,000 Test Runs

image-lifs3lykJoe Root reached 11,000 Test runs vs Ireland 

Breaking records and making history, England's star batters Joe Root achieved a remarkable feat in Test cricket during the one-off Test against Ireland at Lord's Cricket Ground on Friday (June 2).

Root etched his name in cricketing history by crossing the monumental milestone of 11,000 Test runs. This outstanding achievement not only places him among an elite group of just 11 batters to have achieved this feat but also cements his position as one of the fastest batters to reach this landmark in terms of matches played.

Notably, Root became the quickest player to reach 11,000 runs in terms of the number of days since his debut. He achieved this milestone in just 10 years and 171 days, surpassing the previous record held by Alastair Cook, who took 10 years and 290 days to achieve the same feat.

As we celebrate Joe Root's remarkable accomplishment, let's delve into a list of the top ten fastest batters to 11,000 runs in Test cricket history.

10. Shivnarine Chanderpaul – 256 innings

image-lifstecjChanderpaul played 164 Tests for West Indies (Twitter)

Known for his unorthodox batting technique and immense powers of concentration, Chanderpaul displayed great resilience at the crease throughout his career. His ability to grind out runs and absorb pressure made him a vital cog in the West Indies batting line-up for over two decades. Shivnarine Chanderpaul achieved the remarkable milestone of 11,000 Test runs in just 256 innings, making him the tenth fastest to reach this landmark.

9. Alastair Cook – 252 innings

image-lifsys2hCook has countless milestones for England (Twitter)

Former England captain, Alastair Cook was famous for his stoic batting style and exceptional discipline. His ability to occupy the crease for long periods, combined with an array of strokes, made him a formidable opener for England. The Englishman is the ninth fastest batter to reach 11,000 Test runs, achieving the feat in just 252 innings. Additionally, Cook holds another notable record as the second-fastest player, in terms of days since debut, to reach 11,000 runs, achieving the milestone in just 10 years and 290 days.

8. Joe Root – 238 innings

image-lift6i8fRoot is the latest entrant in the 11000 Test Runs club (Twitter)

Joe Root is the latest entrant in this list after his quickfire fifty against Ireland at Lord’s on Friday helped him reach the 11000 run milestone in the longest format of the game. The dynamic batter has been the linchpin of England’s batting order in the last decade in Tests, scoring runs consistently and enthralling the cricketing fraternity with his magnificent stroke play. He also became the fastest batter to 11000 Test runs in terms of days since debut in just 10 years and 171 days.

7. Mahela Jayawardene – 237 innings

image-lifte0b2Jayawardene is regarded as one of the finest from Sri Lanka (Twitter) 

Former Sri Lankan skipper, Mahela Jayawardene was one of the most accomplished batters of his generation. Treating the cricketing community with his elegance, composure, and remarkable technique, Jayawardene achieved breached the 11,000 Test run-mark in just 237 innings. The right-hander’s contributions to Sri Lankan cricket will always be cherished, and his achievement of reaching 11,000 Test runs at such an impressive pace solidifies his status as one of the all-time greats of the game.

6. Jacques Kallis – 234 innings

image-lifthh1aJacques Kallis (Twitter)

Kallis is one of the finest all-rounders the game has ever seen. Renowned for his solid batting skills, Kallis achieved the remarkable milestone of scoring 11,000 Test runs in just 234 innings, placing him at the sixth spot on this list. Along with his batting exploits, the all-rounder was also a formidable bowler and a brilliant fielder, making him a true asset to the South African team.

5. Rahul Dravid – 234 innings

image-liftjq48Dravid was nicknamed The Wall due to his water-tight technique (Twitter)

Rahul Dravid has seamlessly transitioned from leading the national team to becoming an exceptional coach. His success in both roles speaks volumes about his cricketing acumen and dedication to the sport. Dravid, known as "The Wall," was a prolific Test player, renowned for his impeccable technique and solid defense. The former Indian skipper's illustrious career boasts several Test records, one of which is reaching the milestone of 11,000 runs in 234 innings, the same as Kallis. However, Dravid achieved this feat in just 13 years since his debut, while the South African all-rounder took 14.

4. Sachin Tendulkar – 223 innings

image-liftm4nvSRT is the leading run-getter in Test cricket (Twitter)

Tendulkar is widely regarded as the greatest batter to have ever graced the sport. Over his illustrious 24-year career, Tendulkar accumulated numerous records that have etched his name in cricketing history. Holding the record for the highest number of Test runs in a career (15,920) and the most Test hundreds (51), Tendulkar's achievements are unparalleled. The ‘Master-Blaster achieved the significant milestone of 11,000 runs during a match against England at Trent Bridge, Nottingham in the seventeenth year of his career and in his 223rd innings.

3. Ricky Ponting – 222 innings

image-liftowz2Ricky Ponting (Twitter)

Ricky Ponting enjoyed immense success as the captain of the Australian cricket team. With two World Cup titles under his leadership, along with victories in several Champions Trophies and securing the top Test ranking, Ponting had achieved almost everything one could dream of as a captain. Apart from his exceptional captaincy skills, Ponting possessed a remarkable ability to dominate opposition bowlers with his aggressive stroke-play. It was during his 222nd innings that Ponting reached the glorious milestone of 11,000 Test runs.

2. Brian Lara – 213 innings

image-liftq9e5Lara was famous for his elegant stroke play (Twitter)

Brian Lara, the legendary cricketer from the West Indies, is undoubtedly one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport. His elegant stroke play, breathtaking stroke range, and ability to single-handedly turn matches earned him a place among the cricketing elite. For a significant portion of his illustrious career, Lara stood as the linchpin of his team, carrying the weight of expectations on his shoulders. It took him fourteen years and 213 innings to reach the remarkable milestone of 11,000 runs. The momentous achievement occurred during a match against Australia at the Oval.

1. Kumar Sangakkara – 208 innings

image-liftsvyiSangakkara was one of the finest from his nation (Twitter) 

Kumar Sangakkara stands as one of the finest players of this generation. Throughout his career, which spanned nearly fifteen years, Sangakkara played a pivotal role in the development and success of Sri Lankan cricket. The legendary southpaw holds the distinction of being the player with the fastest 11,000 runs in Test cricket which he achieved during a match against Bangladesh in 2014. The achievement of reaching 11,000 Test runs in just thirteen years and 208 innings cements his place as one of the most accomplished batsmen in the history of the game.