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'The First Ones...': Kohli Credits The USA For Globalization Of Cricket By Hosting World Cup

Virat Kohli With The US Consul General In Mumbai (x.com)Virat Kohli With The US Consul General In Mumbai (x.com)

Virat Kohli is set to play his sixth T20 World Cup in the upcoming edition in the United States. He has recently talked about playing for the first time in the USA, how the sport is evolving worldwide, and his expectations for cricket from this 20-team mega-event.

In a video released by the US consulate in Mumbai, Kohli, who just reached the USA, spoke about never having thought of playing the game in this [USA] region of the world, which is set to become a reality.

"Honestly I never thought we would be playing cricket in any form in the states (USA), but now it’s a reality,” Kohli said in a video shared by US Consulate Mumbai on X (Twitter)."

About the growing impact of cricket around the globe, Virat credits the US for accepting how things have changed in the world of sport in recent years.

"That tells you about the growing impact of the sport in the world and the United States is more than willing to accept the change and be probably the first ones on a global scale to accept it, in a way, with the World Cup,” he said.

The 35-year-old called it [the WC in the USA] a 'great start' for the globalization of the sport with the hope that more and more countries start taking cricket seriously.

“It’s a great start. It’s the ideal way to begin and it’s going to have a huge impact. starting off, a kind of a domino effect and I hope it carries on for a long period of time."

In conclusion, the ex-Indian captain also spoke about Major League Cricket that just got List-A status from the ICC, its potential, and how it is moving in a positive direction.

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