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'Never Said This': Adam Gilchrist Calls Out Fake Tweet on Sachin Tendulkar And Virat Kohli

image-lmsx2zh0Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli (Source: X)

Fake news on social media spreads like wildfire and has no control over who starts it, as it causes confusion and incites hate towards people. This can further lead to miscommunication and, even worse, if not controlled at an early stage. Something similar happened with former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist, who came out to defend himself on social media platform Twitter (Now X).

Gilchrist basically replied to a Tweet about Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. It had mentioned that Kohli is given rest to ensure that he doesn't break Sachin's record and has attached Gilchrist's name to it at the end.

"Kohli is being rested on regular basis these days, I think they want Sachin's record to be unbeaten - Adam Gilchrist."

To this, the former wicketkeeper replied clearly that he hadn't said any of this, which meant that this post was fake.

"Never said this."

This fake Tweet was trying to engage people over the point that Kohli is rested for the first two ODIs against Australia, which could be because of the point mentioned above only.

The debate regarding Kohli and Tendulkar is a never-ending one as fans from different generations engage in social media wars over the issue. The fact that Kohli is on 47 ODI hundreds, which is just two away from Master, who stands at 49, is a hot ongoing topic.

Anyway, Kohli will feature in the 3rd ODI of the Australian series, which will be played on 27th September in Rajkot.