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'It Was Stop-Start Career, But MSD...' Sunil Gavaskar Credits MS Dhoni For Virat's Success

Dhoni and Kohli during 2019 WC [X]Dhoni and Kohli during 2019 WC [X]

Sunil Gavaskar has made another statement about Virat Kohli after the two have been in the news for their recent indirect public altercation with Gavaskar responding to Kohli's statements in the post-match interview, taking a dig at commentators.

Gavaskar on Kohli's career

During the rain break of Mumbai Indians' (MI) clash against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), Gavaskar, while talking about the 35-year-old's start to the career, credited MS Dhoni for giving Virat big rope when he had stop-start performances, making him the player he is today.

"When Virat Kohli started his career it was a stop-start career. The fact that MS Dhoni gave him that little extra momentum is why he is the Kohli we see today," said the 74-year-old.

Virat, recently called out the commentators who criticised him for his low strike rate after the powerplay, saying it is easy to say things from the box but when you play in these situations for 15 years, you know things better.

The veteran broadcaster hit back at Kohli after a few days, asking why is Virat so concerned about what others when you say that you don't listen to the outside noise. He also thought Virat calling them out for doing their job was disrespectful as most of them have been ex-international cricketers.