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Saksham Chugh ∙ Nov 20 2023, 8:40 PM | 4 Min Read

Top 5 Players To Have Never Won The ODI World Cup

image-lp6w8gwcTeam India could not win the World Cup 2023 despite their valiant efforts [ap photos]

Cricket can be cruel at times and always tests the toughest players. The same has happened yet again with the likes of Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid. Despite having the perfect tournament until the finals of the World Cup 2023, India was too close to winning the trophy but again the Aussies got the best of the hosts. 

Well, not only the Indians but there are a few more legendary cricketers, who haven't been able to win the World Cup despite reaching the semifinals or even the finals. With the World Cup 2023 campaign over, OneCricket brought you the top players who could get their hands on the World Cup trophy even though they achieved so much for their country and themselves.

Let us look at the top 5 players who haven't been able to win the ODI World Cup.

Rohit Sharma

image-lp6wbuonRohit Sharma (

The current Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, who is also known as one of the greatest white-ball players, had the best shot at winning the World Cup 2023 in front of the home crowd. The Indian team reached the finals without a single defeat under his leadership, winning 10 games on the trot. 

Not only he led the team, but also performed admirably well, scoring 597 runs in 11 games. Even in the World Cup 2019, he smashed 648 runs including five centuries but couldn't win the trophy as the Kiwis knocked India out in the semifinals. 

Rahul Dravid 

image-lp6wk34tRahul Dravid (

After Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid is another unluckiest player in Indian cricket history. Despite making three World Cup appearances for India from 1999 to 2007 and scoring a total of 860 runs across three editions, he failed to lift the trophy. In the World Cup 2003, India reached the finals but the mighty Aussies won the final convincingly. 

Now that he was the coach of the Indian team, he was looking to be part of the World Cup winning team in any capacity and did wonders with this Indian team guiding to the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinal, Asia Cup 2023 title and now the World Cup 2023 final, but unfortunately could not win it again. 

AB De Villiers

image-lp6wksyrAB De Villiers (

While the story is the same for all the Proteas cricketers, but if there is one player who deserved to win the World Cup title more than anyone, it was none other than AB De Villiers. AB De Villiers made his World Cup debut in 2007 and went on to represent South Africa in three World Cups including the 2007 one. 

Cricket has been cruel for him as well, whether it was the World Cup trophy or the IPL trophy, he could not win any of them. The World Cup 2015 was his best shot where he amassed 482 runs and took South Africa to the semifinals under his leadership but the Kiwis defeated them in a last over thriller. 

Kane Williamson

image-lp6wlkhwKane Williamson (

Cricket is a gentleman's game and if any one cricketer has justified this quote with his actions, it's Kane Williamson from New Zealand. Despite leading the team in the final of the World Cup 2019 and semifinal of the World Cup 2023, he could not lift the trophy for once. Even in the final of the World Cup 2015, where he was not leading the team, the Kiwis lost against Australia.

The World Cup 2019's defeat in the final was a hard pill to swallow for the whole New Zealand team as the result was based on the boundary count, but Kane Williamson moven on with the result with a smile like he always does. 

Kumar Sangakkara

image-lp6wnabtKumar Sangakkara (

The southpaw from Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara is one of the stalwarts of the cricket world. He has amassed over 28000 runs across formats and is still on the second spot when it comes to most international runs across all formats of the game. Unfortunately, he could not win the the ODI World Cup during his time while representing Sri Lanka. 

Despite playing one semifinal, two finals and one quarterfinal, Kumar Sangakkara unluckily could not win any of the four World Cups that he was a part of. With a total of 1532 runs in the 35 games of the World Cup, he did everything in his capacity but destiny had different plans for him.