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Top 10 Batters To Have Been Dismissed Most Times In Nervous 90s In ODIs

image-lmwcjabnVirat Kohli has got out in 90s five times in ODI cricket [Twitter]

The world of cricket is a game of highs and lows, where every run counts, and every moment can change the game's direction. One of the most nerve-wracking situations for any cricket fan is watching a batter move towards a century, only to fall short in the nineties.

Top 10 batters with most 90s in ODIs

It's a mix of excitement and anticipation, followed by a sudden pang of disappointment. Imagine being on the verge of a significant achievement, with everyone cheering you on, only to miss it by a whisker. That's the nineties in cricket for you – a thrilling yet heartbreaking moment.

For many fans, witnessing a batter's journey to a century is similar to reading a fascinating novel, with its peak of tension and cathartic resolutions. But, when a player is dismissed in the nineties, it's like an unfinished story, leaving behind a lingering sense of what could have been.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 batters to have been dismissed the most number of times in nervous 90s in ODI cricket.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (17 times)

image-lmwckzs0Sachin Tendulkar (Twitter)

Often referred to as the "Master Blaster" and "God of Cricket," Sachin Tendulkar's impact on the sport is immeasurable. Throughout his illustrious ODI career, he displayed impeccable technique and an unquenchable thirst for runs. Across 463 matches, he scored a staggering 18,426 runs at an average of 44.83. With 49 hundreds and 96 fifties, Tendulkar has given countless memorable performances. However, the 17 occasions when he was dismissed in the 90s also reflect the immense pressure he often played under and the huge expectations he carried on his shoulders.

2. Aravinda de Silva (7 times)

image-lmwcr6rqAravinda de Silva (Twitter)

A mainstay in Sri Lanka's middle order, Aravinda de Silva was a stylish right-hander, known for his exquisite shot selection and the ability to read match situations. Playing crucial roles in many of Sri Lanka’s winning moments, including their famous 1996 World Cup win, de Silva notched up 9,284 runs in 308 ODIs at an average of 34.90. Despite his 11 centuries and 64 fifties, those 7 heart-wrenching dismissals in the 90s show the fragile line between success and heartbreak.

3. Grant Flower (7 times)

image-lmwcwb0pGrant Flower (Twitter)

Grant Flower was resilience personified in the Zimbabwean side. A gritty left-handed batsman, Grant, alongside his brother Andy, carried the weight of Zimbabwe’s batting through the 90s and early 2000s. In his ODI journey of 221 matches, Grant amassed 6,571 runs at4. an average of 33.52. His stats include 6 hundreds and 40 fifties. Those 7 instances in the 90s are indicative of the numerous responsibilities he undertook.

4. Nathan Astle (7 times)

image-lmwcwrb8Nathan Astle (Twitter)

Kiwi opener, Nathan Astle, was renowned for his aggressive approach, often providing flying starts for New Zealand. He was also known for his resilience and ability to play long innings. In 223 ODIs, Astle gathered 7,090 runs, maintaining an average of 34.92. With 16 centuries and 41 fifties, he was undoubtedly a force to reckon with, but those 7 shortfalls from a century highlight the unpredictability of the game.

5. Adam Gilchrist (6 times)

image-lmwcxab7Adam Gilchrist (Twitter)

Gilchrist revolutionized the role of wicketkeeper-batsmen in ODIs with his aggressive yet graceful batting style. Opening the innings, he often laid the foundation for Australia's mammoth scores. In 287 ODIs, Gilly scored 9,619 runs at a commendable average of 35.9. He smashed 16 hundreds and notched 55 fifties. Those 6 dismissals in the 90s mirror the high-risk, high-reward nature of his game.

6. Sanath Jayasuriya (6 times)

image-lmwcxqkmSanath Jayasuriya (Twitter)

A pioneer of aggressive batting in powerplays, Sanath Jayasuriya was a nightmare for any opposition. His blistering starts at the top often set the tone for Sri Lanka. In a whopping 445 ODIs, Jayasuriya accumulated 13,430 runs with an average of 32.4. He smashed 28 centuries and 68 half-centuries. Being dismissed 6 times in the 90s indicates the many more centuries he could have had.

7. Sourav Ganguly (6 times)

image-lmwd04liSourav Ganguly (Twitter)

Elegance personified, Sourav Ganguly, also known as the "Prince of Kolkata," was renowned for his off-side play. As a sharp captain and a prolific opener, he was vital in rebuilding the Indian team during its tumultuous phase. In 311 ODIs, Dada scored 11,363 runs with an average of 41.02. The former southpaw hit 22 centuries and 72 fifties but fell in the 90s 6 times.

8. Kane Williamson (6 times)

image-lmwd0nseKane Williamson (Twitter)

Synonymous with calmness and poise, Kane Williamson is the backbone of New Zealand's batting line-up. His ability to anchor innings and shift gears as per the situation makes him one of the best contemporary batsmen. In 161 ODIs, he's accumulated 6,554 runs at a fantastic average of 47.8, with 13 hundreds and 42 fifties. The 6 occasions he fell in the 90s showcase the challenges even the best face.

9. Shikhar Dhawan (6 times)

image-lmwd15hlShikhar Dhawan (Twitter)

With his trademark moustache twirl and aggressive batting, Shikhar Dhawan is a fan favorite. His dominance at the top, especially in ICC tournaments, has been vital for India. In 167 ODIs, Dhawan has compiled 6,793 runs at an average of 44.1. The dynamic opener has hit 17 centuries and 32 fifties but has also been agonizingly dismissed 6 times in the 90s.

10. Virat Kohli - 5 times

image-lmwd1r6wVirat Kohli (Twitter)

Considered one of the modern-day greats, Virat Kohli's appetite for runs is unparalleled. His chasing skills and ability to anchor the innings make him a true ODI legend. In 280 ODIs, he's notched up 13,027 runs at an astonishing average of 57.4. With 47 hundreds and 65 half-centuries, his 5 dismissals in the 90s indicate the close moments where he could have added more to his century tally and perhaps would have already breached Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI tons.