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3 Players to Have Played 100 Matches in Each Format of International Cricket

image-lsejdidgVirat Kohli shaking hands with Ross Taylor. (X.com)

Engaging in professional sports is no easy feat. It demands dedication, relentless hard work, adherence to strict fitness regimens and diets, confidence, and more. Only a select few athletes endowed with impeccable fitness and strength can sustain lengthy careers spanning years or even decades.

Cricket, in particular, has witnessed numerous players enjoying prolonged tenures, especially during eras when Test cricket and domestic leagues dominated the sport. However, as the game progressed and formats like ODIs and T20Is emerged, cricketers encountered challenges in juggling multiple formats.

Nevertheless, some players successfully navigated the demands of competing across various formats. They adeptly managed the pressure of numerous matches while adapting their fitness levels and honing their skills to align with the evolving demands of modern cricket.

Donning the national jersey and competing on the international stage is the ultimate aspiration for any aspiring cricketer. They dream of showcasing their talents across formats, delivering stellar performances for their country, and etching their names among the game's elite. Throughout cricketing history, each Test-playing nation has produced iconic figures who have left a big mark with their performances on the sport.

While many players have reached the milestone of 100 Tests and ODIs, the advent of T20Is in the mid-2000s presented a new challenge. Despite this, the allure of T20 cricket has grown immensely, and attaining 100 T20I appearances is no longer viewed as a significant feat. In today's landscape, with Test cricket's waning popularity and players prioritizing franchise leagues, achieving 100 matches across formats holds greater prestige.

In the history of the game, only a few players have achieved the remarkable feat of representing their nation in 100 or more international matches across all formats: Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. Such an accomplishment necessitates consistency and discipline throughout a player's career. On that note, let’s take a look at the list of the cricketers who have played at least 100 matches in all three formats of the game.

1) Ross Taylor

image-lsejgcwcRoss Taylor. (X.com)

On February 21, 2020, Ross Taylor made history when he took the field against India in the first Test at Wellington. He became the first player worldwide to participate in 100 matches across all three formats of the game, and additionally, he became the fourth New Zealand player to achieve the milestone of 100 Test matches.

Taylor celebrated his 100th Test by scoring a composed 44 runs, forming a crucial 93-run partnership with captain Kane Williamson. This partnership played a pivotal role in New Zealand’s win in the first Test match.

Taylor's achievement may come as a surprise to many, considering that longevity of this kind is not typically associated with New Zealand players. He joins the esteemed company of Stephen Fleming, Daniel Vettori, and Brendon McCullum as the fourth player in New Zealand cricket history to enter the 100 Test club.

Since his international debut in 2006, Taylor swiftly solidified his position as a cornerstone of the New Zealand batting lineup. His consistent run-scoring ability secured his permanent place in the team, while his endurance and dedication to playing at the highest level have propelled him to this remarkable milestone. Popularly known as Rosco, Taylor finished his illustrious career with 112 Tests, 236 ODIs and 102 T20Is.

2) Virat Kohli

image-lseji3yhVirat Kohli. (X.com)

Nowadays, there are hardly any milestones left that have not been broken by this man. He breaks records and then sets his own.

After Ross Taylor, Virat Kohli became just the second player in cricket history to participate in 100 matches across all formats. This milestone was achieved in a T20I match, marking his 100th appearance in this format, against arch-rivals Pakistan during the 2022 Asia Cup in Dubai. He is still the first and only Indian to make the list.

Kohli's journey to 100 matches in each format began when he played his 100th One Day International (ODI) back in 2013, and he reached the same milestone in Test cricket earlier in 2022 during a home series against Sri Lanka.

The Delhi-based cricketer has left already achieved a lot in the game. He has been a dominant force across all formats, earning accolades such as the- Chase Master, Modern Master, King Kohli and the unparalleled 'G.O.A.T' (Greatest of All Time) of world cricket.

His extraordinary 16-year journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication, relentless hard work, and unwavering determination to excel on the global stage. Through sheer determination and perseverance, Kohli has carved his name into the annals of cricket history. Unlike Taylor, Kohli has not yet announced his retirement plans. With over 500 international appearances under his belt at the age of 35, there are no immediate signs that he intends to bring an end to his legendary career.

3) David Warner

image-lsejmt2pDavid Warner. (X.com)

The latest addition to the distinguished list is none other than David Warner. The seasoned Australian opener achieved this milestone during the first T20I against the West Indies in Hobart on Friday (February 9), becoming the first Australian cricketer to reach 100 appearances in all three formats, following in the footsteps of New Zealand's Ross Taylor and India's Virat Kohli. Despite having retired from Tests and ODIs, Warner continues to compete in T20Is. However, it's anticipated that he will also announce his retirement from T20Is following the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024.

Celebrating his 100th T20I appearance against the West Indies, Warner showed his class by scoring 70 runs off just 36 deliveries, including 12 fours and a six.

Warner has a knack for making each of his milestone appearances memorable. He scored a century in his 100th ODI against India in Bengaluru back in 2017, and in his 100th Test match, he achieved a historic double hundred against South Africa. Now, in his 100th T20I, he tormented Windies bowlers with a rapid 70-run innings. Warner's exceptional performances across formats solidify his status as the greatest all-format player ever produced by his country.