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[Watch] 7 Runs In One Ball - When Pakistan's Majid Khan Achieved Rare Feat Without No-Balls

image-lmosh8seMajid Khan in action during his playing days (Twitter)

Watching Test cricket in Australia, regardless of the era, has always been a sight to behold for cricketing purists. If one is not captivated enough by the vast, lush green grounds, fast and bouncy pitches, and the graceful flight of seagulls overhead; they are sure to get their money’s worth by witnessing some intense on-field sledging and the passionate yet sportsmanlike Australian crowds.

Moreover, Test matches 'Down Under' also tend to unfurl some of the rarest incidents to have ever occurred on a cricket field. One such incident occurred back during the 1981 MCG Test, when two batters from the visiting Pakistan camp completed seven runs against Australia, without any assistance of an illegal delivery.

Majid Khan secures seven by running in 1981 MCG Test

Pakistan team, under captain Javed Miandad, toured Australia for three Test matches in November-December 1981. After Australia sealed the series with convincing wins in the first two Tests, the two sides took the field at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) for the third match on December 11.

Within the opening session on Day 1, Pakistan’s number three Majid Khan arrived to the middle and joined well-set opener Mudassar Nazar at the crease.

During the earlier stages of his innings, Khan played a cut towards deep point against Dennis Lillee. Making full use of large MCG boundaries, the two batters ran four runs between them. However, they soon converted their four into a seven after one of the Australian fielders overthrew the ball towards the other side of the ground.

Majid Khan, who also happens to be Imran Khan’s cousin, scored 74 in the innings while his partner Mudassar Nazar listed a patient 95 from his end, thus paving the way for an emphatic innings win for their side.

Remarkably, Majid’s seven-run sprint and Pakistan’s rare Test win 'Down Under' both defied the odds, providing a double dose of uncommon cricketing moments in a single match.