Perry's 131 km/h Thunderbolt Sparks Debate: Genuine or Glitchy?

image-lfdvjozkEllyse Perry has been impressive in the ongoing WPL (Twitter)

In a highly anticipated Women's Premier League (WPL) match, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) finally broke their five-match losing streak with a resounding victory against UP Warriorz. While fans were thrilled with the win, another spectacular moment unfolded that left them speechless.

In the 16th over of the UP Warriorz innings, star RCB all-rounder Ellyse Perry was on fire, having picked up two wickets and conceding only eight runs in 16 deliveries. With the fifth ball of her over, the legendary Australian cricketer unleashed a well-directed back-of-length delivery that was pulled to mid-wicket by Sophie Ecclestone for two runs.

The speed gun registered the delivery at a jaw-dropping 130.5 kph (81 mph), making it the fastest ball ever bowled in women’s cricket.

It is worth mentioning that Shabnim Ismail had recently set the record for the fastest ball ever bowled in women's cricket, clocking 128 kph (80 mph) in the Women's T20 World Cup semifinal against England, which took place just before the WPL. Her achievement received widespread admiration as it is uncommon for bowling speeds to reach such heights in women's cricket.

Meanwhile, the Australian’s remarkable achievement of bowling the fastest ball in women’s cricket did not go unnoticed by fans, who were quick to take to social media to express their admiration for Perry's incredible feat, calling her the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

However, a certain segment of fans were skeptical about the accuracy of the speed gun, questioning whether it was a result of a faulty device. Here’s a look at how fans reacted to the claim calling it an error by the broadcaster.

It is common for fans to question the precision of speed guns, particularly when they produce an unexpected outcome. Although speed guns are generally dependable, occasional discrepancies can arise due to factors such as calibration, distance, angle, and weather conditions. 

It is worth noting that Perry's speed was recorded by the official WPL equipment, which should be calibrated and verified for accuracy.  Nonetheless, the veteran all-rounder's display is an indication that women's cricket is progressing, and female players can compete at the same level as men in terms of speed and power.