"Virat Kohli Loved..", RCB Mainstay Comes Up With A Shocking Revelation

image-lfduz6lgVirat Kohli [Source: AP]

Legendary Indian batter Virat Kohli has reached unprecedented heights in international cricket since debuting in 2008. Besides his incredible skills, Kohli's fitness has played a pivotal role in helping him achieve phenomenal landmarks across formats. 

However, becoming a fitness icon took work for a hardcore foodie like Kohli, as he had to sacrifice a lot to acquire a better shape. 

Recently, Kohli's IPL teammate Dinesh Karthik has revealed how the Delhi-born took his fitness to a whole new level through sheer hard work and determination. 

Speaking to Cricbuzz, the veteran keeper-batter hailed Kohli for his disciplined lifestyle, which has been a key factor in keeping him supremely fit over the years. 

The Tamil Nadu-born also explained that fitness doesn't only refer to spending a lot of time in the gym, and being disciplined with respect to his food habits holds equal importance for an athlete. 

Here's what Karthik said

"Number one and the first word that I will put is discipline. Second thing, fitness is not about just and only hitting the gym or running. It is a lifestyle. So what you put into your mouth is as important as the amount of workouts and running you do and that is where Virat Kohli is brilliant. He was a foodie, he used to enjoy all sorts of fatty foods, sweets, just like all of us,"

"But he put a massive cut on all of that so that he can become the cricketer he wants to be and that’s the sacrifice you need to make. Have a look at the bigger picture and say if that is what I want to be in 5-10 years’ time, I need to cut down on certain things in my life that I am doing right now. That’s the decision he’s taken and you can see the results that have followed."

Meanwhile, Kohli, who recently accomplished his 28th Test ton, recorded a failure in the first ODI against Australia in Mumbai, being dismissed for a nine-ball four. So, he will be keen to translate his red-ball form in the second ODI in Visakhapatnam on Sunday.