I Was Given Poison: Ex-Pakistan Opener's Shocking Revelation

image-lfm4efloImran Nazir scored a 14-ball 33 in T20 World Cup 2007 Final (Twitter)

Former Pakistan cricket opener Imran Nazir, renowned for his impressive performance against India in the inaugural ICC World T20 final in 2007, has made a startling revelation that he was the victim of a poisoning incident during his prime playing years. The shocking news has once again highlighted the tumultuous nature of Pakistan cricket, which has been plagued by a series of controversies and scandals.

Nazir disclosed that he was poisoned with mercury, which is a slow-acting poison that gradually attacks the joints, leading to severe damage. He added that the effects of the poisoning persisted for almost a decade, causing immense suffering and pain.

However, the 41-year-old stated that he remained resilient and prayed to God to prevent him from becoming bedridden. He expressed gratitude for his survival and harboured no ill will towards those responsible for his poisoning.

"I was given poison - mercury. It is a slow poison; it reaches your joint and damages them. For 8-10 years, all my joints were treated. All my joints had got damaged, and for this reason, I suffered for almost 6-7 years. But even then, I prayed to God, ‘Please don’t make me bedridden’. And thankfully, that never happened,"  Nazir stated.

The former cricketer also recounted his suspicions about the people responsible for his poisoning. He admitted that he was unsure about the source of the poison and the time when it was administered.

"I couldn't figure out when and what I had eaten that caused the poisoning, as mercury is a slow-acting poison that can take years to affect. Nevertheless, I harbored no ill will towards whoever did this to me. I believe that the person who saves lives is better than the one who takes them,"  the former opener elaborated.

Nazir's treatment for the poisoning was a long and costly process that depleted all his savings. He revealed that when he was in dire need of money for his final treatment, Shahid Afridi came to his aid and generously provided him with the necessary funds. Afridi's timely help saved Nazir from further suffering and gave him a new lease on life.

"I was in a desperate situation, with no money left when I met Shahid bhai. Within a day, he had transferred the required funds to my doctor's account. He said, 'No matter how much money is needed, my brother must recover.' He spent around 40-50 lakh," Nazir concluded.