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[Watch] Yashasvi Jaiswal's Run Gets Cut Short By Ollie Pope At The Short Leg

image-lrx6vgb7Yashasvi Jaiwal departs cheaply (AP News)

In a crucial turn of events during the ongoing Test match between India and England on day four, Yashasvi Jaiswal's wicket fell to the skilled delivery of Tom Hartley. Jaiswal, who had been showing promising form, faced a setback as he departed after scoring 15 runs off 35 balls.

Watch video here:

The dismissal occurred in the 11.4th over when Hartley delivered a flighted off-break that landed perfectly on a length on the stumps. Jaiswal, attempting to take charge, stepped out of the crease with the intention of flicking the ball, but misjudged his shot. Instead of finding the desired gap, the ball connected with his bat and soared straight into the hands of Ollie Pope positioned at short leg.

Pope's impeccable catch ensured that Hartley claimed his first wicket of the second innings, breaking the crucial opening stand. Jaiswal's departure marked a significant moment in the match, highlighting the fine margins and intense competition characteristic of Test cricket.

As the game progresses, both teams will be strategizing to capitalize on such pivotal moments. At the time of writing Shubman Gill has also been dismissed. This time for a duck vs the English men.