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[Watch] Virat Kohli's 'Jaw-Dropping' Lofted Straight Drive Brings Back MCG Memories

image-lrdov7fsVirat Kohli left fans in awe with his shot (AP Photos)

Indian stalwart Virat Kohli and Afghanistan pacer Naveen-ul-Haq’s battles have always been exciting to watch. Stemming from a heated exchange in IPL 2023, this rivalry has evolved into a fascinating subplot.

Kohli's sensational shot over Naveen's head left fans in awe

The latest chapter unfolded in the second T20I between India and Afghanistan in Indore where Kohli, with his trademark flair, faced off against Naveen in a moment that highlighted his brilliance.

During the third ball of Naveen’s first over, Kohli displayed his impeccable technique and skillfully lofted a wide, back-of-length ball from outside the off stump. The execution was flawless - Kohli hit through the line, remarkably off the back foot, sending the ball soaring over the bowler's head straight down the ground.

The ball narrowly missed being a six, landing just inches inside the boundary. This moment was met with a mix of rapture from the audience and a tinge of frustration from Kohli, who was seen grimacing, acknowledging how close he had come to hitting a six.

This encounter between Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq was laden with history, harking back to a heated altercation during the IPL 2023 between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants. While the two players had reconciled during the India vs. Afghanistan World Cup clash in October 2023, the anticipation and excitement surrounding their rivalry remained evident.

In the broader context of the match, India, chasing a target of 173, had a formidable start despite an early setback with the loss of captain Rohit Sharma for a golden duck. At the end of 5 overs, India's score stood at an impressive 58/1. Kohli, playing at 25 off 13 balls, alongside Jaiswal at 33 off 16, had set a strong foundation for the team, indicating a promising pursuit of the target.