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[Watch] Taskin Ahmed Draws First Blood As He 'Cleans Up Travis Head' With A Pacy Delivery

image-lotv8vc9Taskin Ahmed in World Cup 2023 (AP Photos)

The 43rd match of World Cup 2023 is turning out to be quite an interesting one between Australia and Bangladesh. The Bangla Tigers posted 306 on the board in the first innings and have now got an early wicket as well, in the form of the dangerous Travis Head. Taskin Ahmed provided that early breakthrough as he normally does and it is surely a big boost for Bangladesh as the aim to finish the World Cup 2023 on a high.

It was the fifth delivery of the third over and Travis Head was looking to tee off, having already smashed two boundaries. Taskin Ahmed bowled a length delivery, around off and angling across the left-hander. Head went for a big slog across the line but ended up getting an inside edge that knocked over the stumps.

The wicket was a big blow to Australia and Travis Head would be pretty disappointed as he has not been able to get going since his belligerent century against the Kiwis at Dharamsala. Bangladesh though need to keep picking wickets at regular intervals as Australia have a fearsome batting line-up and they would not back down till the last moment as we saw against Afghanistan at Wankhede.