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[Watch] Shreyas Movva Makes MS Dhoni Proud With A Stunning Backward Running Catch Of Stirling

Ireland skipper Paul Striling against Canada [AP]Ireland skipper Paul Striling against Canada [AP]

Paul Stirling's tough run of form persisted in the 13th match of the T20 World Cup 2024 between Ireland and Canada at the Nassau County International Stadium on Friday (June 7). 

The Ireland skipper, struggling to find his rhythm in recent games, once again failed to make a significant impact.

Chasing a target of 138 set by Canada, Stirling opened for Ireland but could only manage to score 9 runs off 17 balls. His dismissal in the 6th over added to Ireland's troubles. 

Jeremy Gordon, delivering his over, struck on the fourth ball of the over, removing Stirling in a crucial moment for Canada.

Watch - Paul Striling departs

Gordon delivered a length ball on the stumps, and Paul Stirling, staying in his crease, attempted a heave into the leg side. However, he only managed to get a top edge, sending the ball high into the air. 

Shreyas Movva, positioned behind the stumps, moved to his left and took a fantastic catch, sending the Ireland captain back to the pavilion.

This wicket marked Canada's first breakthrough in the match, putting Ireland under pressure at 39 for 2 in 8 overs, with Lorcan Tucker and Curtis Campher at the crease.