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[Watch] Saransh Jain Plucks ‘Catch Of The Ranji Trophy’ With One-Handed Screamer

image-lrlswgu9Saransh while taking catch off Kandpal (X.com)

India's razor-sharp fielding and athleticism have been standout subjects for some time, especially since Virat Kohli inspired a legion of followers with his discipline and never-say-die attitude. And what Saransh Jain of Madhya Pradesh did on Saturday, January 20, to dismiss Vaibhav Kandpal of Delhi will live on for a very long time and raise the bar for fielding graphs.

Coming to bowl the 44th over of Delhi’s innings in their ongoing Ranji Trophy 2024 encounter, Jain bowled a pitched-up delivery to Kandpal, who was batting on 10 off 31 balls. The left-handed batsman tried to push it straight away from the bowler, but it was on the air after the connection.

Jain saw the opportunity, and extended his right arm as much as he could to complete an outrageous catch, which, without a doubt, will be one of the series contenders of the current campaign, if not of the all time.

Watch Saransh Jain's catch here

Vaibhav Kandpal was stunned in the middle of the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore for a while before starting to return the pavilion.

As of now, Madhya Pradesh are batting on 29/2 in the second innings after Delhi's 205. Prior to that, the Subham Sharma-led side were bowled out for 171.