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 [Watch] Rohit Sharma Gives A Playful 'Tapli' To Mukesh Kumar After He Bowls A No-Ball

image-lr9embxhRohit Sharma features in a T20I game after the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinal

The T20I series between India and Afghanistan has been started and captain Rohit Sharma is back in the T20Is after a year of featuring in the shortest format. Rohit gave a playful 'tapli' to Mukesh Kumar, who consecutively bowled a wide ball and a no-ball. 

We all are aware of Rohit's playful nature on the field and even on the toss, he forgot one of the names while mentioning the players who were not playing in today's game. The last T20I that Rohit played before the ongoing game was back in November 2022, the semifinal of the T20 World Cup 2022 against England. 

Rohit Sharma fans were all eager to see him on the ground and in the very first game, he gave fans what they loved about him by giving a 'tapli' to Mukesh Kumar, who was bowling his last over of the spell today.

Here's the video of Rohit giving 'Tapli' to Mukesh Kumar:

The Indian team planned to bowl short deliveries to Najibullah Zadran, who just came out to bat after the wicket of Azmatullah Omarzai. Mukesh was bowling the 18th over of the innings and went on to bowl two short deliveries to Zadran. 

The second bouncer was way too above Najib's head which was given wide and considered as the first bouncer by the umpire and the third one was a normal bouncer but according to the rules, a bowler can only bowl one bouncer per over, thus it was signalled as the no-ball. Rohit Sharma came towards Mukesh Kumar smiling and gave a 'tapli' on the back of his head. 

However, the free-hit ball went well from India's perspective and Mukesh went on to take the wicket of Mohammad Nabi on the last ball as well.