Muskaan ∙ Updated: May 23 2023, 9:33 PM | 1 Min Read

[WATCH]: Noor Ahmed Strikes, Says Goodbye To Shivam Dube With A Stunning Wicket

image-li0fbgoyShivam Dube Bowled (Source: AP Newsroom)

Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans are engaged in a nail-biting battle to the finals. The intensity and rage surrounding the match has not gone down even for a second.

Gujarat Titans can finally take a breath in peace as Noor Ahmed scalps the crucial wicket of Shivam Dube with only a single run in the bucket. Dube attempted a bold move but exposed his defense, resulting in the spinner hitting the ball forcefully into the leg-stump.

Surprisingly, in an interview with ESPNcricinfo regarding the GT vs CSK match, Sanjay Manjrekar discussed how Noor Ahmad would be a more effective bowler against Shivam Dube compared to Rashid Khan.

According to Manjrekar, Noor Ahmad possesses the skills to trouble Shivam Dube due to his ability to generate more spin with his leg-spin deliveries. Manjrekar also highlighted that in the previous game against RCB, Noor Ahmad demonstrated greater courage and determination on the field than Rashid Khan.

At the time of writing, CSK has reached 130 runs with Rahane and Jadeja taking the ship ahead.