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[Watch] Imad Wasim 'Abuses' Rishabh Pant To Turn On Heat In IND Vs PAK Rivalry

Imad Wasim sledging Rishabh Pant [X.com]Imad Wasim sledging Rishabh Pant [X.com]

In one of the marquee matches between India and Pakistan, an intense moment unfolded during the 13th match of the T20 World Cup 2024 at Nassau Stadium in New York on June 9. 

The heated rivalry took a controversial turn when Pakistan's pacer, Imad Wasim, was seen sledging and abusing the young Indian star, Rishabh Pant.

During India's innings, Rishabh Pant came to the crease after Virat Kohli fell victim to Naseem Shah's fiery delivery. Taking charge, Pant aimed to counter Pakistan's pace attack. 

The tension peaked in the 9th over when Imad Wasim bowled his first over. Pant, struggling to find his footing, became the target of Wasim's verbal assault.

The incident was further intensified when, on the first delivery of the over, Usman Khan gave Rishabh Pant a lifeline. 

Watch - Imad Wasim sledging Rishabh Pant

Pant's shot sent the ball high into the air, and Khan, sprinting in from deep square leg, dived with an outstretched arm, only managing to get his fingertips to the ball before it slipped through his grasp.

At the time of writing, India was struggling at 89 for 4 in 12 overs, with Shivam Dube and Axar Patel trying to stabilise the innings. 

The match, charged with emotion and tension, exemplifies the high stakes and fierce competition that define the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry.