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[Watch] Controversy Erupts In AUS vs WI As Umpire Denies Alzarri Joseph's Run-Out

image-lshkcz2oJohnson caught Alzarri Joseph short of his crease (Twitter)

The infamous spirit of cricket discussion came under scrutiny during the second T20I clash between Australia and the West Indies at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday. The controversy unfolded in the dying stages of the game on Sunday evening when a run-out was seemingly overlooked due to the absence of a formal appeal from the Australian team.

Umpire's decision to dismiss run-out without appeal stirred controversy

With the West Indies’ score at 190/9 in the second-last over, Alzarri Joseph took a risky single after playing the ball towards cover. Australian skipper Mitchell Marsh managed to throw the ball to bowler Spencer Johnson at the non-striker’s end, who removed the bails in a swift motion. However, the Australian players did not appeal for the run-out, leading to a moment of ambiguity on the field.

Umpire Gerard Abood, after pausing to observe the reactions of the Australian team and finding no appeal had been made, proceeded to reset the bails on the stumps. This decision was confirmed audibly through the stump microphones. 

A subsequent replay on the big screen revealed that Joseph had not made his ground, prompting premature celebrations from the Australian side that were quickly quashed by Abood, who reminded them of the necessity of an appeal.

The situation escalated when Tim David, from his position near the boundary, confronted Abood claiming he had appealed. The umpire's insistence on moving past the incident led to further arguments, with accusations of an "umpiring error" and the scene turning increasingly controversial.

The crowd expressed their displeasure with boos, while Michael Hussey, commentating for Fox Cricket, criticized the Australian team's behaviour, highlighted the importance of respecting the umpire's decisions and the negative impression such disputes cast on the sport, particularly for young fans.

Australia eventually won the match by 34 runs, securing a 2-0 series lead with one match remaining but not without a controversial episode that will be talked about for a long time.