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[Watch] Confusion, Confusion! Bishnoi's First-Ball Wicket Vs ZIM Creates Huge Drama In Harare

Ravi Bishnoi bagging first-ball wicket (X.com)Ravi Bishnoi bagging first-ball wicket (X.com)

Ravi Bishnoi could not find a place in India's T20 World Cup squad after a mediocre IPL season, but the man has made a strong comeback against Zimbabwe and bagged a wicket on the very first ball. He got the wicket of Brian Bennet who was batting well, but it was quite a dramatic dismissal.

It was the first ball of the sixth over and a googly around off from Ravi Bishnoi. Bennet tried to drive it, but seemed to have got an inside edge and the ball clipped the stumps on the way to the keeper. The on-field umpires had an element of doubt and sent it upstairs which confirmed that bails have fallen off and Bennett is bowled.

Watch Ravi Bishnoi's First-Ball Wicket -

Later, the big screen first showed 'Not Out', but then it was soon changed to OUT! It created confusion in the middle with Indian players trying to understand what the situation really is, but it all ended well for India, and they got their second wicket in the Powerplay.

Soon Bishnoi also got the better of Wessly Madhevere as well and Zimbabwe were reduced to 51-3 in no time.