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[Watch] Coetzee Gets Caught in The Aussie Trap As Pat Cummins Fiery Cherry Strikes

image-lp15p9reGerald Coetzee (AP Photo)

A thrilling moment of the ongoing South Africa vs Australia match of World Cup 2023, Gerald Coetzee found himself flummoxed by a well-executed delivery from Pat Cummins. The Australian pacer unleashed a pacey short ball that shaped into the batter, catching Coetzee a tad late on the pull. 

The ball, slightly above eye level, resulted in a mismanaged pull shot, grazing off the gloves and into the wicketkeeper's hands. Cummins' delivery effectively broke the building partnership, marking a significant wicket for Australia and showcasing the skipper's leadership on the field.

Watch video here:

Interestingly, Coetzee contemplated a review after discussing with his partner but ultimately decided against it. Cummins, who had introduced slower bumpers in his previous over, cleverly maintained the same length and line in this delivery, adding a touch of seam movement. Coetzee, unable to decipher the change-up, left the field after the dismissal.

In a surprising turn of events, it was later revealed that the ball had hit Coetzee's left shoulder, not the gloves. Despite having the opportunity to review the decision, Coetzee had already walked off, resulting in the loss of another wicket for South Africa.