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[Watch] Australia Clinch Tense Semi-Final vs Pakistan To Set Epic Final vs India In U19 World Cup

image-lsdidkl6U19 World Cup (X.com)

In a thrilling semi-final clash of the U19 World Cup, Australia's final hope, Raf MacMilllan, hit winning runs off Pakistan's Mohammad Zeehaan to seal a clinical victory and set up a final clash against undefeated India.

Pakistan was put under pressure by Australia in the first half of the high-pressure semi-final clash of the U19 World Cup. The men in green were bowled out for 179 runs, and the Aussies were favorites at the half stage.

However, Pakistan never counted themselves out and fought bravely to set up an even contest. Ali Raza's magical spell and an unfortunate run out claimed four Aussie wickets with a mere 59 runs on board.

However, Oliver Peake rebuilt the innings with a gritty 49 runs knock. Yet, Pakistan kept on chipping wickets from one end as the climax was stretched to the final over.

Pakistan was one wicket away, and Australia needed three to claim this nail-biter contest.

In a dramatic turnaround, Pakistan lost track of time and, due to slow over-rate, faced field restrictions. The fine leg fielder was forced inside the circle.

Meanwhile, Australia used the penalty to their advantage as Raf MacMilllan got a thick outside edge off Mohammad Zeeshan's good length delivery, and it raced past the short fine leg fielder, Ubaid Shah, who sprinted swiftly but couldn't stop the boundary.

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As Australia's final pair erupted in joy to celebrate the thriller victory, Pakistan boys were on the ground, visibly emotional to have lost the semi-finals by such fine margins.

Regardless, the contest was an absolute classic game of cricket where both sides dropped every ounce of sweat till the last delivery.  Australia managed to hold on to the nerves and clinched a much-deserved victory.

That being said, Australia will meet with an undefeated Indian squad for the finals of the 2024 U19 World Cup. A clash of titans will take place on Sunday at Willowmoore Park in Benoni.