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[Watch] 6, 4, 6! Kavya Maran's Adorable Happy Reactions As Abhishek, Tripathi Send Harshal To Cleaners

SRH Abhishek Sharma and Rahul Tripathi [X.com]SRH Abhishek Sharma and Rahul Tripathi [X.com]

In the 69th match of the IPL 2024 at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on May 19, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) batters Abhishek Sharma and Rahul Tripathi delivered a masterclass against Punjab Kings (PBKS) and current purple cap holder Harshal Patel, leaving SRH owner Kavya Maran in awe.

The fireworks began during SRH's innings in the 5th over when Harshal Patel came on to bowl, hoping to break the partnership. 

Abhishek Sharma initiated the onslaught with a monstrous six off a full-length delivery just outside the off-stump. Attempting to whip it leg-side, he got a thick outside edge, sending the ball flying over deep third man for a big six.

Watch - Abhishek and Rahul thrash Harshal Patel 

Following this, Sharma hit a stunning four off a full and slower delivery around the off-stump line. He shimmied down the track and lofted it over cover. Although not perfectly timed, the ball still found its way to the boundary after a couple of bounces.

Rahul Tripathi then joined the action, smashing Harshal Patel for a six off a no-ball. The delivery was a full toss above waist height, angling into the batter's body. Tripathi, on one knee and initially trying to duck under the ball, connected with the middle of the bat, sending it over deep fine leg for a massive six.

At the time of writing this report, SRH needs 61 runs off 45 balls to win.