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Match Abandoned

IPL 2024, GT Vs KKR Highlights: It's Official! Match Called-Off, GT Eliminated

GT-KKR Match Abandoned [OneCricket]
GT-KKR Match Abandoned [OneCricket]

22:58 (IST) May 13

GT vs KKR: Goodnight, Folks! 

That's a wrap to this Super Monday. See you tomorrow. Till then, this is Anurag  Dasgupta, signing off on behalf of our dedicated OneCricket family. Cheers!

22:45 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Stat attack!

This will be the first season since 2021 not to feature Shubman Gill in the IPL final. He played the 2021 final with KKR, and then played it for two consecutive seasons with GT in 2022, 2023.

22:41 (IST) May 13


22:40 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Here's the official verdict!

22:37 (IST) May 13

MATCH CALLED OFF! Official it is! KKR will finish in the top-2 and GT have been eliminated from IPL 2024. The groundstaffs tried their best, but it was not possible today. The rain came back just at the stroke of toss and the two captains eventually shook their hands. Both teams will get a point each.

22:34 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Here's the latest update!

22:27 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Covers are off!!

22:22 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Covers coming off 😍

Not sure what's happening. Rain is taking place, but the covers are coming off. Shubman has come out in the Lavender jersey for the toss, it seems.

22:18 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Two skippers having a chat!

22:14 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Has the inevitable happened?

Both the captains, Shreyas Iyer and Shubman Gill shake hands and it seems like the inevitable has happened. The match is I believe called-off. Which means that KKR will finish in top-2, irrespective of the other results.

22:13 (IST) May 13

Time to kill, so let me post an interesting piece which the readers would love to go through.

22:07 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: We are getting closer to 'Match Abandoned'

The umbrellas are out and things look bad. Seems like the officials are not giving up yet. Don't know why. The match officials and the groundstaff are involved in a conversation.

21:54 (IST) May 13

Arjun: Ya mate, even I am getting bored. Well, KKR and SRH as my top-2. Expect RR to qualify as well. But since I am an RCB fan, I would say the Red Army still has a chance to qualify and they'll be the 4th team.

21:54 (IST) May 13

Getting bored by just updating the rain updates. So, my friend Arjun, who do you think the top-4 will be for this season?

21:48 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Fans have accepted the fate!

They have started to leave the stadium and the lower stand already looks empty. The official confirmation awaits, but we all know the fate of this game and the fate of Gujarat Titans!

21:45 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Nothing much to report about!

The rain is still pouring down and the outfield has gotten worse. No chance of play, that's for sure.

21:31 (IST) May 13

And the update is just around the corner guys! The wait game continues as the IPL officials are not ready to give up, just yet. Once the rain stops, the groundstaff need 40-45 to prepare the surface for the match.

21:23 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Official update at 9:30, stay tuned!

Jo darr tha, vahi hua. Official update from IPL at 9:30. We all know what it would be all about....

21:19 (IST) May 13

We are inching closer for that two unfortunate words - Match Abandoned. As my correspondent reports, things are not looking good.

21:16 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: The condition looks bad πŸ˜ͺ

21:06 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: What if the match gets abandoned? πŸ€”

The scenario is simple. If it gets abandoned, GT will be eliminated from the competition. Not the way they want to bow out. Here's a detailed piece on it.

21:04 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Bad, bad news coming in!

20:55 (IST) May 13

We have already started to lose overs, so it won't be a 40-over match, incase the game actually starts. By the looks of it, the best the IPL officials could do is have a 5 a side contest between the two teams.

20:48 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Live visuals from Ahmedabad!

20:46 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Ohhh noo, not again 😰

Umm... We are getting some news that it has started to rain again!!! Not again, please. Have some mercy.

20:32 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Light drizzle now!

There is a very light drizzle at the moment. Match officials are chatting with the groundsmen. The super sopper is moving around the outfield. The covers are still on, and a few of the floodlights have been turned on. Plenty of water puddles on the covers.

20:25 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Fans continue to wait and wait

20:18 (IST) May 13

When do we start losing overs? I reckon 8:35 is the time for it. Post that we'll start losing overs and full 40-overs game won't be possible.

20:11 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Not the footage you want to see πŸ‘€

20:09 (IST) May 13

It will be a heartbreak for GT if they exit the tournament like this, without getting a chance to play for a win. But that's how things work in IPL.

20:04 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Okay, SRK giving rain updates 😜

20:01 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Updates regarding the game!

The cut-off time for a 5-over match is 10:56 PM. So, we still have around 1.5 hours to go for that. The rain ihas gotten heavier and looks like the rain god is unhappy with us.

19:51 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Rain, Rain, go away πŸ˜­

My correspondent from the Narendra Modi Stadium says that the rain has gotten heavier and the wait game will continue for a loooongggg time. The fans are eagerly waiting for the game to commence, but looks like we are in for a lengthy delay.

19:44 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL 2024 Stats:

Matches: 6

Matches won batting first: 2

Matches won batting second: 4

Average first innings total: 175

Average second innings total: 171

19:37 (IST) May 13

Frustrating as a cricket fan if the match doesn't take place. A riveting contest was on the table, but looks like rain has decided to play the spoilsport.

19:30 (IST) May 13

Well, well, well, rain is once again back in Ahmedabad. It's raining heavily and the players have gone back to their dressing rooms. The floodlight partly comes on, but things are looking gloomy at the moment.

19:26 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Key player battle for this game!

Andre Russell vs Rashid Khan

Balls - 42

Runs - 67

Outs - 4

SR- 159.52

Despite Russell dominating against Rashid with a strike-rate of almost 160, the wily spinner has managed to scalp his wicket 4 times. Who will come out on top today?

19:18 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Bad news coming from Ahmedabad!

Covers are back on! Even though there is no rain, but constant lightning is affecting the timing of everything. Also, the floodlights have not been switched on. The wait goes on and on and on...

19:10 (IST) May 13

The centre covers have been removed but the floodlights are yet to be switched on. The wait goes on. KKR won't mind it though, but GT certainly will. After all, qualification is at stake for them.

19:08 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Will the match take place?

19:04 (IST) May 13

Phil Salt (KKR): "Yeah, it's big for us. The chat before the game today was about not letting up and, you know, choosing your attitude today. GG's (Gautam Gambhir) been pretty solid in how he wants us to play as a team, and he impressed upon us today for the game that we come here and we're still looking for two points and play the exact same way that we have been.

19:02 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Should KKR change their opening combo?

With Phil Salt leaving for England before the playoffs, should KKR give playtime to Rahmanullah Gurbaz? The Kolkata team has nothing to lose as they are already through to the knockouts, and should tinker with their playing XI.

18:56 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Stats attack!!

This will be KKR's 250th match in IPL. A stunning effort by a magnificent team who have mesmerised everyone with their style of play this season.

18:49 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Good news, GT fans!

Rain has stopped at the moment, but it will take time for the groundstaff to clear the water from the outfield. But in all surety, the toss will be delayed. It will be interesting to see if we actually get a full game today. The weather is expected to improve after 8 PM, so fingers crossed everyone.

18:36 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Titans' record in Ahmedabad!

Matches: 16

Won: 10

Lost: 6

18:31 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: OC Updates from Ahmedabad!

Live visuals confirm that there is a lightning strike in Ahmedabad. Slight rain so far. Let's hope the weather allow a full 40-over game. Okay, the rain has picked up. Currently, the visibility is poor. Stay tuned for further updates.

18:26 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: What happens if it's a washout? πŸ€”

If the match gets abandoned due to relentless rain, then GT will be eliminated from the IPL 2024. A washout will give both the teams a point each, and the maximum that GT can reach at the end of league stage would be 13 points. Which obviously won't be enough.

18:18 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: More visuals from Ahmedabad!

18:15 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Dust storm in Ahmedabad πŸ₯Ί

18:11 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Rain, rain go away

Look at the weather, it's not looking good at the moment. Dark clouds hovering around. Watch out, GT fans.

18:07 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: Iyer ready for GT challenge πŸ’ͺ🏻

18:04 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: GT ready with new Jersey 😍

The initiative has been taken to support Cancer victim as GT will don the Lavender jersey for the game against KKR.

17:43 (IST) May 13

GT Vs KKR Live Score: What's wrong with GT?

The team which won the IPL in 2022, and then reached the finals in 2023, are now languishing down the IPL points table. The injury to Mohammad Shami hasn't helped their cause and as a result, the bowling has also looked weak. But with one leg almost out of the tournament, GT will look to give one last push in their quest to reach the playoffs.

17:36 (IST) May 13

Team Previews

The Titans have blown hot and cold throughout the tournament. They have lost 7 matches, and have a poor net run-rate of -1.063, which looks really difficult to overcome. However, the team did show some resiliance in their last match Vs CSK, when Gill and Sudharsan's scintillating ton propelled them to victory. They need more from the opening duo if they are to qualify for the next round. The bowling does look weak, especially with Rashid Khan failing to pick wickets in middle-overs.

On the other hand, KKR look unstoppable at the moment. They became the first team to qualify for the playoffs and the magic from Gambhir and Shreyas Iyer is there to be seen. The bowling looks sorted, the batters are doing a fine job and hardly anything's wrong with the team at the moment. Shreyas Iyer hasn't fire much this season, so expect the KKR leader to bring his best against GT bowlers.

17:30 (IST) May 13

We saw two classics yesterday in the IPL, and it is time for yet another riveting battle on Monday as the rejuvenated Gujarat Titans take on the unstoppable Kolkata Knight Riders at the famous Narendra Modi Stadium. Despite losing 7 games, GT are still very much in the IPL playoff race, but they need help from other teams to even have a slim chance of qualifying for the knockouts. But do they have the firepower to stop the KKR juggernaut? The target seems too large, but nothing is impossible.

An action-packed Monday evening awaits us. Join me, Anurag Dasgupta and my colleague, Arjun Bhalla, as we take you through this cracker of a contest.