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208-4 20.0

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189-9 20.0

Delhi Capitals won by 19 runs

IPL 2024, DC Vs LSG Match Highlights: Arshad Khan's Blinder Not Enough For Nawabs; DC Still In Playoffs Race

Live Blog - DC Vs LSG Live Score (OneCricket)Live Blog - DC Vs LSG Live Score (OneCricket)

23:50 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG: Tata, bye-bye!

That's a wrap to this Super Tuesday. See you tomorrow. Till then, this is Arjun  Bhalla, signing off on behalf of our dedicated OneCricket family. Cheers!

23:46 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Player of the Match: Ishant Sharma

The seasoned campaigner Ishant Sharma has been named the Player of the Match for his three wickets with the new balls, which included the scalps of KL Rahul, Quinton de Kock and Deepak Hooda. 

Ishant bagged 3 crucial wickets vs LSG ( bagged 3 crucial wickets vs LSG (

23:26 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Delhi wins it

The Delhi Capitals keep themselves alive in the IPL 2024. They beat the Lucknow Super Giants by 19 runs at home.

23:21 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Last over action

Arshad plays a dot ball on the first ball, but bags a couple on the second off a fumble. Can he pull off an unthinkable? Salam nails a dream yorker as the batter is forced to scamper for a single. 21 needed off last three balls now. Naveen can do anything as Salam bowls a peach of an over. Just 3 runs off the last over. That would be the end of the game as DC wins it by 19 runs.

23:21 (IST) May 14

LSG need 23 runs off the last over, Arshad Khan is on-strike.

23:20 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: They have gone upstairs

Run Out Check. The throw comes in and Pant collects it and whips the bails. He appeals and the decision is sent upstairs. The replays are in and Naveen has made his ground with a full-length dive. Excellent commitment from Naveen.

23:16 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: End of Bishnoi, Arshad losses another partner

Direct hit and Bishnoi is done and dusted here. LSG is nine down in the chase now. Brilliant stuff from Fraser-McGurk in the field. Hits the bull's eye at the bowler's end from almost 50 meters from the deep. 

23:13 (IST) May 14

13 runs coming off Salam's over. LSG need 29 runs off 12 balls. Anything can happen, people.

23:10 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Hats off sir, Arshad

Rasikh Salam gets some treatment! Arshad Khan is playing the innings of his life. The Mumbaikar is batting for LSG's life against Delhi. A couple of braces for Arshad Khan, who has completed his fifty off 25 balls now.

23:05 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: There's some hope

Maximum. Four. Wide. Maximum. The game is far from over as Arshad Khan is giving everything he has to fight it out for LSG. Finally, a wicket in the over but that's of Yudhvir. Khaleel will get a breather after all. 18 runs and a wicket off the 17th over. LSG need 42 runs off the last three.

23:01 (IST) May 14

Time for the final strategy break! Lucknow Super Giants are 149/7 in 16 overs, requiring 60 runs off 24 balls. Only a miracle can save them from here on.

22:59 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: It drags on

DROPPED! Oh dear, Jake Fraser-McGurk drops a dolly at deep backward square leg. This should have been taken. That would hurt even more as young Rasikh Salam was taken down by Charak for two glory shots earlier in the over. 

22:53 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Kuldeep gets the prize

GONE! STUMPED! Kuldeep finally has a wicket in the game. The pressure was piling on Krunal and it was on the cards. Kuldeep gets the prize of the good bowling. That would the final nail in LSG's coffin.

22:48 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: One more out of Arshad's bag

Slapped down the ground for four. Arshad is sitting deep in his crease and he hammers it straight down the ground past the non-striker. The long off fielder has no chance of cutting it off. Ishant Sharma is been taken to the cleaners in his last over.

22:47 (IST) May 14

Murali Kartik: Mitchell Marsh in Australian colours and Delhi Capitals colours are two different entities 🀑 🀑

22:45 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Arshad takes down Kullu

Tossed up stuff from Kuldeep Yadav and Arshad Khan takes him down. He gets underneath this one and tonks it straight back over the bowler's head for a 77 m six. Arshad tries to replicate it on the following ball as well. But, the clever man Kullu pulls his length a tad back and puts more fizz behind it. 

22:37 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Is Pooran gone? 

Axar Patel's magic makes sure Pooran has to walk back after playing a blinder of an innings. Axar at covers has taken a screamer. TV umpire checks whether Axar Patel has taken the catch cleanly. First replay confirms the fact that Axar has done well with his dive.

22:36 (IST) May 14

LSG are 101/5 in 11 overs, requiring 108 off 54 balls. Can Pooran and Krunal Pandya pull off the unthinkable from here on? RCB and DC fans would hope that doesn't happen. I guess our wishes are answered!

22:31 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Krunal helps partner Pooran

Krunal Pandya gets a full toss at the stumps and he puts it away with a boundary downtown. The chase is on, fellas!

22:25 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: 50 for Pooran already

Fastest fifty for LSG this season. A 19-ball fifty for Remember the name- Nicholas Pooran. What an innings. Gets to his half-century in just 20 balls. Looks as if the rest of the team is playing in a different pitch.

22:19 (IST) May 14

DC Vs LSG Live Score: Stubbs has his man

Badoni holes out in the deep. Stubbs strikes in his very first over and half of the LSG side is back in the hut. 

22:14 (IST) May 14

Kuldeep Yadav is brought into the attack. Wrist-spinner vs Nicky P πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

22:12 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pooran isn't shying away

The West Indian may have lost four of his partners but he's fighting. Smashes a maximum and a boundary off Mukesh Kumar as LSG end the powerplay at 59/4. 

22:05 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: That's how KLR got dismantled

22:02 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Ishant gets another

Ishant Sharma, you beauty! Dishes a very full in-swinger at the middle and off-stump line. Deepak Hooda fails to flick it as it thud him on the front pad, a silver duck for the LSG batter. 

21:59 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: NP starts in some style

Nicky Pooran won't shy off playing his shots. He starts off his innings with a boundary and a six as LSG say aren't out yet. Another boundary through the inside half of Pooran's blade before he sums up with another maximum. 20 runs and a wicket off Axar Patel's first over. 

21:57 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Axar-Pant stump out Hulk

Axar with a wicket first ball! Marcus Stoinis with an absolute needless jibe throws his wicket away! HANG ON! Umpire Vinod Seshan asks Stoinis to hang around. This has been sent to the TV umpire. Want to make sure if Rishabh has gathered the ball behind the line of the wicket. All fine, OUT loads on the big screen!

21:53 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: QDK and leg-side, the love-hate affair

After two boundary in the on-side, Quinton de Kock gets vanished as he played one too many stroke in the leg-side. He timed the stoke but couldn't get the desired elevation, Mukesh Kumar takes a fine catch at mid-on. You cannot keep the old chap away from the game! Went for few runs but has repaid with a big big wicket. Both the openers down to Ishant.

21:49 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Stoinis stamps his classssss

Stand and deliver stuff from the Hulk! Stoinis throws his bat at it and thumps it up and over extra cover for a cracking boundary to get off the mark. 

21:43 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Ishant 1, KLR 0

WICKET! WICKET! WICKET! Ishant Sharma removes the LSG skipper in the opening over. A very good catch from Mukesh while running back. He kept his eyes on the ball till the last moment and grabbed it on the second attempt. Rahul departs cheaply in this run chase.

21:41 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: KLR starts off positively

KL Rahul gets it on the pads as Ishant sprays on the pads. And the LSG captain flicks it down to fine leg for a boundary. First ball boundary for KLR as he begins with 400's SR. Oh, my word. He's done by Ishant Sharma.

21:38 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Back for the chase

Ishant Sharma comes in as Impact Player for DC. The veteran seamer is up against KLR and QDK.

21:25 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: End of the innings at 208

The Lucknow Super Giants have done well to squeeze DC's scoring in the later half of the innings to restrict them to 208/4 in the first innings after winning the toss. DC would be happy with the total as well with a brilliant bowling order ready to defend the score.

21:22 (IST) May 14


Ravi Bishnoi drops another one. Had he not run behind the ball, Rahul would have taken it safely at deep mid-wicket. 200 up for DC. Insult to injury. Axar clears the front leg and whacks it down the ground. Finds the middle of the bat piercing long off and long on.

21:20 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Wide asked and denied

After a 21-run penultimate over, Axar Patel and DC want to end it on a high. Axar wants a wide but the umpire is unmoved. He challenges the decision, but the third umpire thinks that the ball would have passed below the line of the helmet.

21:15 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Stubbs with raw power

That's a massive blow from Stubbs. Sails 101 m. Pressure on Naveen here. It followed a boundary. SIX and A FOUR - Stubbs it taking it on. A couple more for the South African. And another maximum off his blade. He just chips it over long-off for a classic boundary. 50 up for the Proteas batter.

21:10 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Stubbs powers it for a six!

Stubbs is watching the ball well tonight! Another maximum from the Protea big hitter. Stubbs clearing his front leg thrashes it up and over long off for a 75 metres long six. Axar gets his first boundary. He joins the attack as well. Axar makes some room for himself and throws his hands to cut the ball square of the wicket. Finds the space between deep third man and deep cover. 

21:05 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Rishu and His shots 🀌

21:01 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Wicket Alert!! 🚨

Big Fish Caught By Naveen-Deepak

Slower one, full and just outside the off stump. Pant has it in his arc but plays the stroke a tad early. Clears the front leg and swings down the ground. Doesn't get all of it and finds Deepak Hooda at long on. Looks to accelerate but perishes in the 17th over.

Pant departs scoring 33 runs 

20:58 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Stubbs on fire! πŸ”₯

6,4,4 in an over... Stubbs is showing no mercy, smacks Arshad Khan with some stunning boundaries.

20:53 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pant juggles the bat in the air

Swings hard and loses the bat in the air. It lands in the leg gully region. Ball travels to deep third man where the batters sneak a single. Oh, a wild hoick across the line from DC skipper, gets the top edge of the bat on it and loses his bat in the process. 

20:52 (IST) May 14

Mohsin returns to the attack straight after the timeout.

20:44 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pant, uffff!

Heaved into the leg side as Pant gets one dropped short and he pulls Krunal Pandya for a boundary. Four more. This time through the offside as the southpaw hangs back to cuts it past extra cover. 11 runs coming off the over.

20:40 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pant slaps Bishnoi for a four

Slapped away for a boundary, Pant gets on top of the bounce and slaps it hard well in front of square in the off side past covers. Naveen from long off runs to his right, dives but fails to stop it from reaching the fence.

20:31 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Porel been shut but what was that?

Heaved into the leg side and taken brilliantly by Pooran. Naveen comes back into the attack and dismisses the dangerous-looking Porel. 

20:24 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pant starts his show

Hooda again drops it short on leg, Pant watches it closely, rocks back and pulls it hard through square leg. The umpire ducks under it in time and the ball runs away to the fence in a flash. But a serious, why does he always try to play everything in the on-side.

20:19 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Six and Hope's gone

Woah, a stupendous catch by LSG skipper, KL Rahul. The ball ricochets off his hands but KL does well to dive forward and grab it just a few inches above the turf in the second attempt. The budding partnership has been broken by Bishnoi. Although the spinner got bashed for a brilliant six a couple balls ago.

20:14 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: 50 up for Porel

Consecutive half centuries for Abishek Porel! A very fine innings from the left-handed keeper batter.

20:09 (IST) May 14

End of the powerplay and Ravi Bishnoi is brought straight into the attack. A stumping chance, but goes begging. Krunal Pandya comes from the other end.

20:05 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: And the bashing goes on

Porel gets hit but no worries. A still pause in play won't stop the DC opener. He avenges back with a boundary and a maximum. End of the powerplay! Time for the strategic break as well. Outstanding start for the Delhi Capitals despite losing the aggressive hitter Jake Fraser-McGurk for a duck. Abishek Porel has continued where he left in the previous game scoring an unbeaten 43 off just 16 balls. 

20:04 (IST) May 14

Slower bouncer hits Porel big. Porel looks in a bit of pain here and calls for the physio. A little pause in play here. He is ready to continue.

20:01 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Naveen gets welcomed with a maximum

Six it is! 64 metres long six just clearing the rope. Not one of the great looking strokes, but Porel would take it anyday. Porel tries to help it on its way with a swivel. Fails to control the stroke, losing the bottom hand from the bat. However, the left-hander manages to get enough wood on it as the ball flies over fine leg for a maximum. With short boundary to that side and short fine leg in place, this is poor from the Afghan pacer to start his spell.

19:58 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Shai Hope, Porel doing fine job

The pitch in New Delhi is as flat as it gets but the pair of Abishek Porel and Shai Hope are batting like artists at the moment. They are making the LSG bowlers pair for erring the lines and lengths. Fifty partnership between Porel and Hope!

19:37 (IST) May 14

Few wides and a HUGE wicket as LSG find themselves at boxing seat after first over. Btw, Shai Hope is the new man in. 

19:32 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: End of the match for Fraser-McGurk

That would be the end of Jake Fraser-McGurk as Arshad Khan delivers the punch. In the air and taken at long on. Dangerous Jake Fraser-McGurk departs without troubling the scorers. Big moment in the game here. Brilliant captaincy by LSG captain.

19:29 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Let's play

The bell has been rung and it marks the start of the proceedings here. The on-field umpires make their way out to the middle. So are the players.

Arshad Khan will begin the proceedings. He's up against Fraser-McGurk and Abishek Porel.

19:16 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Impact Substitutes

Delhi Capitals: Lalit Yadav, Praveen Dubey, Ishant Sharma, Kumar Kushagra, Swastik Chikara 

Lucknow Super Giants: Devdutt Padikkal, Ayush Badoni, Prerak Mankad, Krishnappa Gowtham, Manimaran Siddharth

19:07 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Playing XIs

Lucknow Super Giants Playing XI: Lokesh Rahul (c), Quinton de Kock, Marcus Stoinis, Deepak Hooda, Nicholas Pooran (vc), Krunal Pandya, Arshad Khan, Yudhvir Singh Charak, Ravi Bishnoi, Naveen ul Haq, Mohsin Khan

Delhi Capitals Playing XI: Abhishek Porel, Jake Fraser-McGurk, Shai Hope, Rishabh Pant (c), Tristan Stubbs, Axar Patel, Gulbadin Naib, Rasikh Salam, Mukesh Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Khaleel Ahmed

19:01 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Toss time

LSG has won the toss and they will bowl first.

19:00 (IST) May 14

Happy news for LSG fans, KL Rahul will be leading his side for the remainder of the IPL 2024.

18:49 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Pitch Report

"One thing I can tell you straight away: it's small. We all know that it's a high-scoring ground. Well, to my off-side, 60 meters. That's tiny. To the leg side, a bit bigger at 66 meters, and straight down the ground, it's 70 meters. There's a bit of a breeze, though, going down the ground. If you just blow the ball, it's going to sail for six in that direction. And on this pitch, it's the highest-scoring one. It's pitch number six, part of a square known for its high-scoring games."

18:22 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Team News

Delhi Capitals: Rishabh Pant, who missed the last match due to suspension, should be back for the final league game for DC. Kumar Kushagra is likely to make way for the skipper if he comes back into the XI.

Khaleel Ahmed (if batting first) and David Warner (if bowling first) could be their Impact Sub options.

Lucknow Super Giants: Yudhvir Singh Charak (if batting first) and Arshin Kulkarni (if bowling first) could be their Impact Sub players.

18:21 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Head-to-Head Record in IPL

4 - Matches Played

3 - Lucknow Super Giants Won

1 - Delhi Capitals Won

18:16 (IST) May 14

DC vs LSG Live Score: Preview

LSG suffered a humiliating 10-wicket defeat against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in their last fixture. After the match, their skipper KL Rahul had to face a public reprimand from the owner. But, all of that ended on a happy note. 

Delhi Capitals, on the other hand, suffered a huge defeat by 47 runs against Royal Challengers Bengaluru. 

Thus, Delhi Capitals will play for pride in their final league stage fixture as they are all but out of the race for playoffs, while another defeat for LSG would confirm their elimination as well.

18:04 (IST) May 14

Hello and welcome to OneCricket's Live Blog of Match 64 of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024) between Delhi Capitals (DC) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), live from New Delhi's Arun Jaitley Stadium.