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OneCricket ∙ Mar 1 2023, 9:23 AM | 34 Min Read

IND vs AUS, 3rd Test: Live Blog, Tweets, Videos, Reactions and More...

image-les058vuNathan Lyon's 8-fer restricted India to 163 on day 2 [Source: AP]

IND vs AUS 3rd TEST | 3rd Day, 1st Session | BGT 2023 | Australia won by 9 wickets

This brings us to the end of the coverage, I, Arjun Bhalla, on the behalf of OneCricket team say toodles. We will be back again soon.

India will have to win the fourth and final Test match of this BGT to qualify for a place in the WTC Final. 


And that it. Australia have thumped India here. A 9-wicket win for the visitors and they have advanced to the WTC final. The dual of Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne just went berserk after first ten overs of the day, and India didn't had enough runs in the bank to rely on. However, a credit for this win has to go Matthew Kuhnemann and Nathan Lyon for dismantling the mighty Indian batting lineup in respective innings.

Seven more runs to get for the Aussies, and they will it 2-1!! Before heading to Ahmedabad, the India team management will look into too many things. Batting form of some top names has been one prime reason for the loss, but the home team need to demand for better playing conditions. The Indore pitch cannot be an endorser for Test cricket. 

Umesh Yadav comes into the attack

Australia are just 27 runs away from victory, Travis Head is leading the charge for them. In the air, but lands in no man's land.

Signs of aggression from Head. The swashbuckling southpaw has smoked Ashwin for a maximum. Australia have got the momentum, well-placed at 26 for 1 after 11 overs. India's shoulders are dropping a bit.

There's a mix-up and KS Bharat has dislodged the bails. But Travis Head looks safe and the third umpire declares him not out. 

Debashish: 10 Overs have been completed. Although Australia have scored just 13, Labuschagne and Head are looking confident in the middle. 

Interesting mind games going on between Ashwin and Labuschagne. First, the Aussie number three takes slightly more time to take his guard, followed by Ashwin going back to his run-up. 

Jadeja seems to be getting into rhythm. His fourth over was a much tighter one. 

Meanwhile, India have opted for a review for caught. There's absolutely nothing in the snicko and Labuschagne survives! India lose the review. 

There is a packed off-side field set for Jadeja, with the midwicket open. So, if he bowls anything full, I can sense Labuschagne going for a sweep shot. 

Debashish: Early to say, but Ashwin's variations have been spot on so far. He is varying his pace nicely, tossing it up to beat the batters; he is certainly looking much different from the first innings. On the contrary, Jadeja, in his two overs, hasn't stuck to the basics, trying to do too many things. 

Labuschagne hits the first four of the day! Pitched slightly shorter by Jadeja, Labuschagne rocks back and punches it through the square with authority for a four. Good start for the Aussie number three. 

Travis Head takes a single and Australia are off the mark. 

Meanwhile, as expected, Ashwin's bowling partner Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced at the other end. 

Debashish: Ashwin starts off with a wicket-maiden, India have got the ideal start they wanted. Can they capitalise on it to script a memorable win? Only time will tell. 

More importantly, Australia have lost a review, as Khawaja opted for DRS after being declared out by the on-field umpire Joel Wilson. Marnus Labuschagne enters the middle. 

Whoa! Ashwin strikes in the very second delivery of the day! Tossed it up, the ball grips and turns to take the feather edge of Khawaja's bat and KS Bharat does the rest. Ashwin, the magician, draws the first blood for India! 

Travis Head and Usman Khawaja to open the batting for Australia, Ravichandran Ashwin to open the bowling for India. Let the game begin!

So, the equation is pretty straightforward. Australia need 76 runs, while India need 10 wickets, in their pursuit for a win. So, obviously, we are going to get a result very soon. 

On day 2, India restricted Australia to a meagre 197, riding on magnificent bowling spells from Umesh Yadav and Ravichandran Ashwin. 

However, most of the host batters recommitted the similar mistakes against the Aussie spinners. As a result, they could only manage 163 in their second innings despite a fighting knock from the ever-reliant Cheteshwar Pujara. 

Nathan Lyon was the star performer of the day for the visitors, as he dismantled the hosts with sensational figures of eight for 64. 

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of day 3 of the penultimate Test match between India and Australia in Indore. I am Debashish on this side to take you through the twists and turns of the day’s play. 

Stumps, Day 2 | Live 🔴 | IND vs AUS 3rd TEST | BGT 2023


Stumps on Day 2 of IND vs AUS 3rd Test

India have been bundled out for 163 in 60.3 overs. They have a lead of 75 runs and Australia have a great chance to make it 1-2 in the series. The Border Gavaskar Trophy is starting to get heated here...

Siraj misses Lyon's delivery. India are bundled out for 163 in their second innings and have a lead of 75 runs.

India are in deep trouble...

The very next ball Umesh Yadav slogs it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket and India are 9 down with a lead of just 67 runs.

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In line ➡️ Wickets: Missing

Length ball on middle and leg, the batter fails to get bat on it and the umpire raises his finger 

India in trouble, a loud appeal and umpire raises his finger here

Australia in the driving seat as India lead by just 67 runs and only have 2 wickets left here...

Full on the pads as the batter looks to flick it away, a thick edge towards the right of the man at leg slip. It was low and everyone expected to it race down to fine leg. But, the great Smith manages to get a hand to it and keep hold off it....

This wicket belongs to Smudge

Steve Smith takes a stunner to dismiss Pujji...

He has gone back in his shell after that slog 

Pujara dances down the track and slogs it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Into the stands she goes, looks like he has taken the orders of the skipper way too seriously here. 

Badal: Rohit Sharma has sent out a message via Ishan Kishan to the batters to have an aggressive approach, I hope his message doesn't lead to a collapse here...

Appeal for stumping....and third umpire's help has been asked. Seems Pujara is in his crease. And Pujara is safe. NOTOUT

Meanwhile, the meme world has started going after KS Bharat...

Mar 2, 2023, 3:26 PM
Twitter For OneCricket

India are 140-7, they lead by 52 

Another one bites the dust here, India in deep trouble. Anna is trapped in front of the wicket and Lyon gets his fifer.

Meanwhile, Ashwin gets another boundary here...

Pujara has been dropped by Marnus Labuschagne 

Shakir: This right here is another window for AUS just like the other two tests. They need to pounce and need to restrict India at the lowest possible. They were unable to cash in on the chances in the last two matches. It will be interesting to see Smudge's captaincy in the next few over. 

Pujara reaches 50...A well compiled half-century, and didn't India needed him. Pujara is coming into some good form when India are in dire need of him. Gritty Fifty!!

13 overs have been bowled in this session and they have managed to score 53 runs 

India lead by 40 now.

Anna is off and running with 7 runs off his first 10 balls.

India in trouble after being 118-6 | They lead by 30 but only have four wickets left.

KS Bharat takes the long walk back here...

Length ball that pitches on middle stump and holds it's line to beat the outside edge of the blade. The ball goes onto rattle the top of the off peg here. He played for the turn but there wasn't any.

Badal: For the third time in this innings, Mr.Shakir has done it. Three right predictions by our very own. Bharat departs and so do my hopes of India winning this match. Their only hope are Pujji and Anna from here on.

Badal: Every time, India is in deep trouble against Australia and we need a decisive knock, Pujara has stepped. You are forced to admire this man who battles through every barrier and does his best for the team.

Meanwhile, relive the six off Iyer's bat

Badal: Thanks for not trusting Bharat, because last time you went against him. He smashed a few boundaries and a biggie. I hope something same happens today.

Shakir: India in trouble at 25-5 here, pressure is on and I don't have much trust in Bharat to be honest. Ashwin should have been promoted in the order to provide some stability...

Yes, it is a clean catch and Iyer takes the long walk back here...

Full length delivery on the stumps, Iyer flicks it straight into the hands of the man at short mid-wicket. The umpires are looking for a clean catch here but it look out to the naked eye.

Badal: The Shakir curse strikes on India for the second time. This man is playing against us, he has cursed Kohli and now Iyer.

Iyer has been dismissed here...

Shakir: I see a wicket a coming in couple of overs. All the best!

Badal: I know a lead of 150 is a long way out but I believe anything they post will be competitive on this deck. Even a 100 will give them a chance to win.

Shakir: I think this match will be India's if they set anything above 150. But as we have seen it is a matter of one wicket on this pitch. 150 is too far away as of now

Badal: How much will be good enough for Team India on this deck? Will a target over 150 work?

India are 111-4 after 36 overs. They lead by 23 runs

Smokes it into the stands, Iyer on fire here 

India have taken the lead here, Pujara and Iyer are doing it just right for Team India here.

We are back for the third session!

Australia in the driving seat and they can surely smell victory from here on. Cheteshwar Pujara has looked rock solid, and now the big question is - How much will India score in the second innings? Remember, anything around 150 will be a winning total.


Time for Tea: India have managed to close in on Australia's lead here. They still trail by 9 runs and have 6 wickets in hand. The next session will be the deciding session of this Test match. So, do join us in a few minutes time. 

India end the second session on 79/4 after 32 overs. Iyer and Pujara are out in the middle for the blues. Lyon has been the start for Australia with 3 wickets.

Shreyas Iyer walks out to the middle to survive the last few overs before Tea

Sir Jadeja takes the long walk back to the pavilion...

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Length ball on the stumps as the batter tries to defend it off the front foot, he gets rattle on the pads right in front of the stumps. It looks dead to the naked eye, time for the review....

Just a few balls later another loud appeal and this time Smudge takes the referral.

Jadeja gets rattled on the pads, a loud appeal follows but the umpire is not interested and Smudge decides against taking a review here..

Meanwhile, Usman Khawaja is off the field as he is struggling with a mild calf strain...

India are 72-3 after 26 overs.

Pujara is going about it with ease, a partnership between Jadeja and Pujji is building out in the middle

Jadeja walks about to the middle to help India take the lead here...

Short pitch delivery on the stumps, it keeps low as Kohli rocks back and tries to pull. He fails to get bat on ball. The ball rattles him below the knee roll in front of the stumps and the umpire raises his finger. The King takes the long walk back here...

Badal: You are spot on Mr.Shakir, Kohli is gone and he decided against taking the review.

Shakir: It is time for Kohli's departure, I have seen him smoke a ball and then get out shortly after for a number of times of late.

Angry Kohli rocks back and slaps it off the back foot towards deep extra covers for a boundary.

Meanwhile, the physio is out in the middle to have a look at the Mr.Kohli's finger that was rattled by the ball.

India are 50-2 after 22.1 overs

Kohli survives as the ball takes the outside edge and lands just short of the man at second slip

50 comes up for Team India, Pujji and King going strong

Pujji rocks back and flicks it off his pads down to deep square for four runs...

India are 33-2 after 16 overs.

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Onto the third umpire here...

Length ball on the stumps a touch quicker through the air as the skipper gets trapped in front deep in his crease. He has sent it upstairs for a review just in hope. Even Rohit knows the long walk back awaits him.

Time for India to waste a review here...

Badal: Things are very easy for Team India at the moment but just a reminder to our viewers that one wicket is all that it takes for the collapse to begin...

India are 22-1 after 10 overs... Pujara & Rohit out in the middle

The nerves have settled down as India play out 10 overs for the loss just one wicket

Pujji with his usual business out in the middle, gets off the mark on his 10th delivery...

Gill dances down the track and tries to slog it into the stands. He fails to get bat on ball here as Garry pulls his length a touch back because he saw the Indian batter advancing...the ball goes through the gate and rattles the middle peg.

And, the downfall begins...India lose their first of the day

Gazza has the ball in his hand and India resume on 13-0 with Rohit and Gill out in the middle...

Time for the second session of the day..


When the God decided to take the #GOATs for a graze in the park...

Just for some fun:

Time for Lunch, India have managed to survive their short stay out in the middle before lunch. They have a good base and now will look to track down Australia's lead in the second session.

The Hundred wicket for Umesh Yadav...

The Hitman survives his foot in inside the popping crease and India head to lunch on 13/0 after 4 overs.

We have stumping check ongoing as Kuhnemann beats the outside edge of Rohit's blade and keeper whips off the bails...

Meanwhile, relive Umesh Yadav's jaffa against Murphy...

Badal: Yes, I believe India will post over 250 which sounds absurd given the total they were bundled out for in the first innings. But, they do have the quality to do better and let's be honest it is time the King's, the Hitman's and the Wall's of this nation get going.

DG: India will have to post around 230 here to have a chance, a minimum of 150 is required to win this Test.

Badal: Mr.DG what kind of a total will be good enough for India here...

Badal: The bowlers have done their bit and now it is upto the batters to get them back in the game. 

The home team have a decent lead to take care off before they can focus on setting up a target for the visitors

Indian second innings is under way with Rohit Sharma and Gill out in the middle....


All-over for the Aussies!

The visitors have been bundled out for 197, having a lead of 88 runs. 

Nicely tossed up by Ash, as Lyon goes for the booming slog and the stumps are knocked ove

Ashwin and Umesh run through the Aussies lower order here...

Length ball just outside off stump, it comes in with the angle and straightens just a touch to beat the outside half of the batters blade and rattle the off peg. Umesh is one fire 🔥🔥🔥

Once again the stumps goes for a ride, courtesy Umesh Yadav

Meanwhile, Umesh Yadav has completed 100 wickets in India

Badal: With just two wickets left, expect it to be wrapped up in a few overs time from now.

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Australia have taken the review here...

Length ball on the stumps, slider on a length at the stumps, the batter plays for the turn ends up getting hit on the pads right in front of the wickets. A loud appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger.

Ashwin has another one here...

Australia are 196-7 after 74 overs.

Another one bites the dust, Umesh uproots the off peg of Starc. Length ball angles it from outside off, nips back in late and sends the stump cartwheeling. India are on fire of late.

Badal: You beauty, Mr. Badal, you where here for just one line and you have done wonders for Team India.

Australia are 190-6 after 72.3 overs

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In line ➡️ Wickets: Umpire's call

Green has taken the review here...

Umesh Yadav strikes with a back of a length delivery on the stumps. It straightens just a touch as the batter looks to tuck it away but fails to get bat on ball. The ball hits him on the inside pad and the umpire raises his finger.

Cameron Green has been dismissed here...

Badal: Mr.Badal you words are coming true, the wickets have started to fall...

India can smell an opportunity here and they should go hard at the visitors and get them done and dusted as soon as possible.

Tosses it up on a length at the stumps as Handscomb brings out a long forward stride and tries to defend off the front foot, it takes the inside half of the blade and goes straight into the hands of the man at short leg.

Badal: Mr.Badal, just as you were talking Ashwin strikes. India have the first wicket of the day and let's see what follows...

Mr.Badal: I don't think so, it is about one wicket and then they shall go down like a deck of cards.

Badal: Mr.Badal, do you think Australia can bat India out of this Test?

Time for drinks

The first hour has gone by and India haven't managed to trouble the Aussies one bit. The team from down under is way above the hosts in terms of their position in the game. They have a 77 run lead with 6 wickets in hand.

A long day in the field awaits Rohit Sharma's men.

Badal: Can't understand the field, Anna is bowling with. He has 3 players in the deep on the leg side but the Australian's are not attacking so it doesn't make sense. Looks like a defensive move from the skipper to save runs. Ro, should understand that the longer the Aussies bat, the more frustrated India will be.

Doesn't look like anything will happen anytime soon. And, India is forced to make a change, Mr. Anna (Ashwin) returns.

Length ball beats the outside and the base of the off stump by an inch.

Badal: It looks like nothing is happening out in the middle, that is how settled the Aussie batters look. While there might be a few shouts every now and then, the reality is that it is easy pickings for the visitors at the moment.

Just a reminder for our viewers, India don't have any reviews left...

Appeal but the umpire is not interested

Badal: As of now nothing is happening out in the middle and it looks like my bold prediction won't stand a chance but I will say trust the process 😅.

The feeling in the camp looked positive before the start of play...

Jadeja will start off from the other end...

Siraj starts off the day with a maiden over...

Badal: Bold prediction for the day, Australia to be bundled out in the first hour.

The players are out in the middle, it is time for the start of play

Badal: Axar Patel will have to step up with the ball today. He has done a decent job with the bat but now its time he does something with the ball.

We are minutes away from the start of play on Day 2...

Meanwhile, Australia will resume on 156-4 with Handscomb and Green out in the middle. India will rely on their spinners to bring them back in the game. The visitors have a 47 run lead and will hope to get it past at least a hundred.

Jadeja will have to produce the goods here to help India fight back:

Hello and a warm welcome to the live coverage of Day 2 of the 3rd Test between India and Australia. This is Badal Pareek and I will be shortly joined by Mr.DG as we take you through this exciting day's play.

Stumps on Day 1! Australia are 156-4 and have a lead of 47 at the end of the first day. It has been a tough outing for Team India. They were bundled out for 109 after winning the toss and opting to bat first. It has been a nightmare day for the batters and the bowlers made sure things followed in the same direction. Australia are in the driving seat and will hope to take this game beyond India's reach in the first session of Day 2.

image-lepl50yvAustralia in control at the end of Day-1 at Indore

Handscomb and Green survive the final over and Australia end the day on top.

Anna to bowl the last over of the day.

A loud appeal by Jadeja but the umpire is not interested in it and they can't refer it upstairs having wasted all their reviews.

Have a look at how Khawaja was sent back to his hut...

The team from down under are chilling after going past 150 run mark with 6 wickets still in the bag.

Australia are 146-4 after 49.2 overs.

Jadeja strikes, Length ball outside off invites the batter forward and gets an edge which KS Bharat manages to keep hold off.

Smudge departs, big blow for Australia

Akshaya: With all the batting depth in the world all they have is 109 runs. So better to have better wicket taking options and yes, if we have 5 quality batters we don't need this depth.

DG: One of OneCricket's own, Akshaya stated that Axar Patel's primary job is to get wickets for his side, which he's not doing at the moment. He wants Kuldeep to replace Axar. Not a bad shout, Akshaya, but on these conditions you do need a bit of batting depth.

India have wasted the review here...

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: Outside Leg ➡️ Wickets: Missing

Badal: Khatam! Finish! Tata! Bye-Bye! Over! Review 3 lost! Review remaining 0

India have taken a gamble here by using their final review!

Smudge gets hit on the pads as the ball keeps way too low here...

Another wicket for Team India! 

Khawaja once again finds a way to get out. Full in length on the middle peg as the batter slog sweeps it straight to the man at deep square leg. Gill takes a good catch low down.

DG: Would love to see that happen. At-least the series will get interesting. Imagine if India actually wins this game, then what's the fun covering the series? We need some competition.

Badal: Time for Drinks and it has been a snooze-fest. Don't really know where this is heading for Team India. Mr.DG will Australia manage to make it 2-1? 

DG: Hahaha, Richard Kettleborough 🤣

Just a reminder of who is the 3rd Umpire for this Test match:

Skipper Superman Smudge is off the mark with a sensible single.

Meanwhile, it is time for some fun:

Superman Smudge is out in the middle...

Length ball quicker through the air on the stumps, it keeps low as the batter fails to get his bat down in time. Jadeja makes up for the no ball that he bowled earlier. But, it has costed 31 runs to India on a deck where all they managed was 109.

Finally, the Rock has come back! Jadeja strikes and managed to send back Labuschagne to the dressing room here.

DG: Good to see some proper batting in this Test match. Both Labuschagne and Khawaja have applied the basics and have looked compact.

Siraj is into the attack here for the first time in the day after 33 overs being bowled.

Ashwin has gone off the field and in comes Suryakumar Yadav as substitute fielder.

100 comes up for Australia at the loss of just one wicket | Khawaja brings up his half-century!

Badal: Finally, it has started to look like things are happening out there in the middle for team India. A wicket might be round the corner here.

Australia are closing in on the three figure mark with the loss of just one wicket.

Badal: Looks like a cakewalk for Australia. Won't be wrong to say that Australia look at home here for the first time in the three Test matches so far...

DG: The third and the final session is about to commence. Australia have pushed India on the back-foot and despite some nervy moments, Labuschagne and Khawaja have stood tall. India need wickets and they need it ASAP.


Time for Tea on Day 1 of the 3rd Test match between India and Australia. The visitors are in full control of this fixture as they trail by just 38 runs. The team from down under are 71/1 after 22 overs. Khawaja and Labuschagne have been steady out in the middle. India are in need of a miracle to bounce back from here.

Umesh Yadav into the attack for the final over of the session...

Badal: It is way too easy for the Australian batters at the moment, they are 56-1 after 18 overs.

DG: Ashwin is bowling slightly fuller. Should try and pull his length back.

Badal:  Axar will take a fifer here, that my prediction for today

Time for a change Bappu is here to rescue India

DG: Yes, for sure this is going to be a huge task for India. They have already fallen way behind in this game and coming back from here might be a difficult task.

Badal: Mr.DG looks like India are going to be in big trouble on this deck?

Australia closing in towards the 50-run mark, they are in the driving seat here...

Jadeja now has 500 international wickets to his name...

Ashwin left frustrated as India decide against taking review and the replay shows that it was out. KS Bharat's effort to convince Ash and Ro fails...

India lose another review in desperation & they are left with just one...

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: Outside Off ➡️ Impact: In Line ➡️ Wickets: Missing

Rattles the pads of Khawaja and the Indian team appeal but the umpire is not interested here. Ro has sent it upstairs here 

DG: A steady start for Australia. Despite the wicket of Travis Head, the visitors have added 36 runs, and have looked rather solid in the middle.

Relive the first wicket of the Australian innings:

India make a meal of this review and are left with only two for the innings...

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: Outside Leg ➡️ Impact: Outside Leg ➡️ Wickets: Missing

And after a longggggg discussion, Rohit decides to go for a review. Another one that keeps extremely low and traps Khawaja on the front-leg. The original decision was not-out and India go for the review. Seems like the ball is going down the leg.

Australia are slowly moving towards quarter-century with just one wicket down. In context to this game, looks like a great start for the team in yellow...

Direct hit from the deep by Umesh Yadav but Khawaja has made it back in his crease in time...

Wait on! Sir Jadeja has bowled another No-Ball here and Labuschagne survives...

Marnus 'No Run' Labuschagne has been cleaned up here. He has dragged it into his stumps here...

Badal: Will take a off and try to chill watching a movie or two...

DG: So, Badal, what's your plan for Friday? This match won't last beyond tomorrow.

DG: And here comes my favourite batter - Marnus Labuschagne. He is due for a big one on this tour.

Australia are 12-1 after 1.4 overs

India taste first blood here, the inevitable Sir Jadeja strikes...

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In Line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Rohit Sharma has decided to send it upstairs after consulting with KS and Sir Jadeja

Another loud appeal and the umpire is not interested here but India look likely to take the review..

Jadeja and his love story with no-ball continues in Indore

First ball of Jadeja and the players appeal but the umpire is not interested here and Ro has decided against taking the review...

Jadeja to start the proceedings from the other end...

Australia have started on to front foot here with 6 runs off he first over...

Badal: It will be interesting to how long before the wickets start tumbling

Head and Khawaja are the Australian openers

Ashwin has the new ball in his hand...

Australia's inning to begin shortly...

Innings Break: India have been bundled out for 109. Australia have a great chance here to take advantage of this situation. The Aussies have been brilliant with the ball in hand as well as in the field. However, they will have to do a decent job with the bat because it won't be easy to bat in the middle. Ashwin and Jadeja will make their lives difficult but skipper Smudge could be the man for the team from down under.

Badal: The day has belonged to Australia so far but I believe that is because India are yet to bowl on this rank turner

Length on the pads as the batter tucks it towards deep backward square and calls for a double. Siraj is slow to get going and fails to get back to his crease in time and Australia have wrapped things up for 109.

The best possible thing that could have happened after your team in 108-9, is a run out 

The pitch curator of the day | Just for fun:

DG: Kuhnemann gets a fifer! His first five-wicket haul in Test cricket.Another one that kept low and traps Umesh on the back leg. By the naked eye, it seems as if the ball pitched outside the leg stump, but Umesh didn't review it.

100 up for India! Umesh Yadav takes India past 100. Strikes two sixes and these are crucial runs for India. Some entertainment for the Indore crowd.

Appeal for stumping! This is closer from the naked eye. Lovely tossed up ball from Kuhnemann as he draws Ashwin forward and beats him on the outside-edge. Carey dislodges the bails in a flash and the umpires will have a closer look.

Okay, another one bites the dust! Initially the umpires went upstairs for stumping, but the ultra-edge shows there was a thickish edge as the ball goes past the blade. Ash departs!

India survive the first over after Lunch, Gazza will start from the other end..

Anna & Bapu to resume for Team India | Kuhnemann has the ball in hand here...

Time for the second session to begin...

DG: We are moments away from the start of the second session. Australia will look to wrap things up quickly. Can India breach the 100-run mark? Looks highly unlikely. But the good part for India - Two of their best batters are at the crease. Axar and Ashwin.

Lucky for Team India that they might not have to square up against Starc reversing the ball at 145 clicks

Time for few highlights from the 1st session:


India are 84-7 after 26 overs.

It has already been an exciting session with India wining the toss and losing 7 wickets. Virat Kohli and KS Bharat, the only Indian batters who looked in control of what they were doing. Australia are well on top and will look to wrap it up as soon as possible in the second session.

Garry has 3 wickets to his name so far, Can he make it five?

The struggles for Team India continues here...

India are 82-7 after 25 overs

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: Outside Off ➡️ Impact: In Line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Length ball spins back in and hits him on the pad here, Australia take the review here...

Howzzzatt!!! Looks close to the naked eye but the umpire is not interested here..

DG: India should have gone with four spinners for this Test match. No need to play seam bowlers. Why waste their time...

Badal: Of late there have been doubts about KS Bharat's batting capabilities and he has opportunity here to prove everyone wrong. Hopefully, he gets a half century on this dead track.

DG: India's best batter in this series is out in the middle. All lies on the shoulders of Axar Patel.

Virat Kohli is back in hut and India are 70-6 after 21.4 overs.

No Bat Involved! ➡️ Pitching: In Line ➡️ Impact: In Line ➡️ Wickets: Hitting

Kohli sends this one upstairs here...

Length ball spins back in and hits Kohli on the pads... A loud appeal here and the umpire raises his finger

Match Fact: It is King Kohli's 200th International match in India. 

Just for fun:

DG: Not long actually, he might get dropped if he fails to produce an innings in this series. He was dropped back in the day and the same can happen again. Everyone in India's knows only Kohli and Ro are untouchable, everyone else can get the sack any day. And, we have an example in KL Rahul.

Badal: Mr.DG, How long before we start hearing people talk about Pujara's place in the XI?

Pujara's average in 1st Innings of Tests since 2021: 19.04 (22 Inngs)

Let's shift our focus on KL Rahul & Venkatesh Prasad memes:

Australia lose a review here... | Reviews Left: India 3 & Australia 2

No Bat Involved! Pitching: Outside off ➡️  Impact: In Line ➡️ Wickets: Missing 

Length ball on the stumps, it spins back in towards Bharat as he looks to sweep. The ball hits him on the pads here. A loud appeal here and Lyon has asked Smudge to take the review here..

Meanwhile, we have a stumping check here for Bharat and he manages to survive...

The intent from Kohli is quite positive here and he might be the one who can get India to a respectable total here...

Badal: Not at all ideal for Test cricket. This pitch below average, how can the richest board in world cricket deliver such poor pitches on regular basis. They need to produce better wickets or else the end of the longest format will become inevitable. Cricket in the modern age depends on India and Test cricket in our country end within three days. When are now in the end game of Test cricket if this continues.

DG: Badal, what's your take on this dismal pitch? Is it ideal for Test cricket?

DG: This looks like a day 3 wicket. Some brilliant bowling by Kuhnemann and Lyon. The Indian batters have failed to apply the basics.

The reality of Indore pitch on Day 1:

Drinks Break: India are 45/5 after 11.2 overs.

India is in no man's land here after losing 5 wickets in no time...

Shreyas Iyer goes back and tries to cut this short and wide outside off delivery. The ball keeps a touch low as the batter goes for it and ends up dragging it back onto the stumps.

Ohh, no! Another one goes down here...

India are 44-4 after 11 overs.

Short pitch delivery outside off as the batter goes back and punches it straight into the hands of the man at short extra covers.

Meanwhile, Jadeja has decided to play with my emotions here...he is out the very next ball after surviving a close call.

Jadeja sends it upstairs and there in an inside edge. Sir Jadeja survives...

Number 4 goes down for Team India, Jadeja gets rattle on the pads and the umpire raises his finger 

Meanwhile, people on social media are all ready discussing the #Pitch

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Kohli has taken the aggressive approach here, he is trying to take the attack to the bowler.

Jadeja joins Kohli out in the middle ⚔️

India are 36/3 after 8.2 overs

Short and wide outside off, it keeps low and spins back in sharply as Pujji fails to get his bat down in time and the ball clips his pads and goes onto rattle the stumps.

Garry strikes and India are 3 down in no time

Change in bowling, Garry is here for the King. Can Gazza (Lyon) get the better of Kohli?

In walks 'King Kohli'. Can he rescue India here?

Length ball around off stump, tosses it up and invites Gill into the forward defence. He fails to negate the turn and ends up edging it to the man at first slip.

Another one bites the dust and India are two down in no time with both openers back in the hut.

Venkatesh Prasad be like:

In walks the Wall 💪 Pujara

Ro dances down the track and tries to go down town. He fails to get bat on ball as cherry spins away and beats the outside edge. The keeper collects and finally after surviving two calls Rohit Sharma is back in the hut. Australia have the much needed start here...

It is turning square in the 6th over of day 1

Time for spin, Matt Kuhnemann has the red cherry in his hand

India are 26-0 after 5 overs

Ro slaps it in front of point for his second boundary of the day.

Rohit Sharma has been dismissed twice already but Australia haven't opted for a review on either of the occasion and as a result, he still stands tall.

Gill off the mark with a cover drive, a classy shot by a classy batter...

Mitchell Starc is on fire in the first over
Mar 1, 2023, 9:34 AM
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Meanwhile, the review shows there was an edge

Appeal on the first ball of the day, but the umpire is not interested and Smith decides against taking the review.

Starc has the new ball in his hand. Rohit Sharma and Gill are the Indian openers

It is time for the live action to begin 


News from the centre

India have dropped KL Rahul and have finally decided to play Shubman Gill instead. Mohammed Shami has been rested as Umesh Yadav gets a go.

Mitchell Starc and Cameron Green make a return to the Playing XI as they will play in place of Pat Cummins and David Warner, who have returned Australia due to their respective reasons.

Hello and welcome to the live blog of the third Test match of the Border Gavaskar Trophy (BGT) 2023 between India and Australia. This is Badal Pareek and I will take you throug the proceedings of the match.