AUS Vs ENG Head To Head Records

AUS vs ENG is one of the most fascinating rivalries in cricket (Twitter)AUS vs ENG is one of the most fascinating rivalries in cricket (Twitter)

As the cricketing community gears up for Match 17 of the T20 World Cup 2024, all eyes are on the explosive matchup between Australia and England at Kensington Oval in Barbados, scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

This clash promises to be a powder keg moment in a historically intense rivalry, with both teams boasting squads filled with exceptional talent. Ahead of the exciting T20 World Cup 2024 match up, here’s a look at AUS vs ENG Head-to-Head stats.

AUS vs ENG Head To Head Records

The battle lines between Australia and England have been drawn over 23 T20 international games, with England slightly tipping the scales in their favour.

They've eked out 11 victories to Australia's 10, leaving two contests without results. This neck-and-neck record shows the razor-thin margins that often decide the fate of their encounters.

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AUS vs ENG Head To Head Record In T20 World Cup

When the spotlight turns to the T20 World Cup stage, the historical drama between these two cricketing powerhouses intensifies. They've squared off four times under the global gaze, with England having the upper hand slightly.

Out of these high-stakes meetings, England has emerged victorious in two, Australia has claimed victory in one, and one game ended without a result.

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AUS vs ENG Head To Head Stats

Won By
October 14, 2022No Result-
October 14, 2022England8 runsCanberra
October 9, 2022England8 runsPerth
October 30, 2021England8 wicketsDubai (DICS)
September 8, 2020Australia5 wicketsSouthampton
September 6, 2020England6 wicketsSouthampton
September 4, 2020England2 runsSouthampton
June 27, 2018England28 runsBirmingham
February 10, 2018Australia7 wicketsMelbourne
February 7, 2018Australia5 wicketsHobart
August 31, 2015England5 runsCardiff
February 2, 2014Australia84 runsSydney
January 31, 2014Australia8 wicketsMelbourne
January 29, 2014Australia13 runsHobart
August 31, 2013England27 runsChester-le-Street
August 29, 2013Australia39 runsSouthampton
January 14, 2011Australia4 runsMelbourne
January 12, 2011England1 wicketAdelaide
May 16, 2010England7 wicketsBridgetown
August 30, 2009No Result-Manchester
September 14, 2007Australia8 wicketsCape Town
January 9, 2007Australia77 runsSydney
June 13, 2005England100 runsSouthampton

Australia vs England Head To Head Record: FAQs

Q.1. Who has won more matches England or Australia?

Answer: In the long-standing duel of the Ashes, Australia has consistently had the upper hand. They've clinched victory in 140 of the 340 Ashes Tests, leaving England trailing with 108 wins. When it comes to series victories, Australia again leads the scoreboard with 34 triumphs compared to England's 32.

Q.2. What is the record between England and Australia in ODI?

Answer: Over more than five decades of one-day internationals, these two cricketing giants have locked horns in 156 matches. Australia has the bragging rights with 88 victories, while England has secured 64 wins.

Q.3. Which cricket team is better England or Australia?

Answer: In the Test arena, the rivalry is as intense as ever. Out of 361 matches, Australia has emerged victorious 152 times, while England has tasted victory in 112 encounters, and 97 matches have ended in a draw. It seems that more often than not, Australia has managed to tip the scales in their favour in this age-old cricketing contest.

Q.4. What is the record of England vs Australia T20?

Answer: When it comes to the shortest format, the clash is closely contested. In 23 face-offs, Australia has won 10 times, and England has edged out with 11 victories.

Q.5. How many times England won T20?

Answer: England has clinched the T20 World Cup twice, first in 2010 and then again in 2022..